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About Liberty Tax Service

Live Your Dream. Not Someone Else's. You have big dreams. You dream of success. Possess a passion. Believe in yourself. Won't accept average. We know that feeling. We're looking for dreamers who want to work for no one ... but themselves. Liberty franchisees are an exclusive group. We're not for everyone. We dream big. We are forward thinkers embracing proven marketing plans, working seasonally and connecting through cutting-edge social communications. We're high profile. Low investment. Family oriented. And taking the lead. Have what it takes? Join our dream team. We've been looking for you. We are talking to motivated people to operate Liberty Tax offices across the country. If you are prepared to jump in with both feet, now is the time. Read some more about us. Then when you're ready, Liberty Tax wants to talk to you. No Tax Experience? No Worries. As a Liberty Tax franchise owner, you'll have a proven system to follow that was 40+ years in the making. Our franchisees have access to more than 600 years of managerial experience, tax industry expertise and street-savvy marketing. Keep Your Day Job-If You Want To. Our franchisees work really hard for 3  months then spend the rest of the year pursuing other interests. Many of our current franchisees, have kept their day jobs. Many others have found other things to do when tax season comes to a close. Go on vacation. Raise alpacas. Learn to yodel. What you do with your time is up to you.
 We'll Take You To Our Leader  We are led by International Franchise Association Entrepreneur of the Year, John T. Hewitt. As Liberty's CEO and Founder he has weathered more than 42 tax seasons. He's seen the trends. He knows what's coming. He even worked with two of those other tax prep companies, who shall remain nameless. Based on his wealth of experience, Hewitt has led Liberty to open 3,800 offices in just 14 years-more than three times faster than any tax company-EVER. And Hewitt shares his insight with his franchisees, as a hands-on CEO, hosting conference calls, seminars and personally answering his e-mails.
 Low Costs. High Returns. Happy You. The Liberty Tax franchise investment is one of the most affordable out there. Shop around, look at others, even on this website. Go ahead. We have nothing to hide. It is simply a fact that Liberty Tax start-up costs are lower than many other franchises on Entrepreneur magazine's list of the "Top 500 Franchises". A seasonal workforce keeps overhead lower than nearly any other industry. Being a service-based operation, there is no inventory. No inventory. No worries about inventory loss.
 We Are Growing Crazy 
Liberty Tax Service is prepared to open a Liberty Tax office every day, for the next year. We are ready to talk to people who are anxious to open a Liberty Tax in your city right now. With available territories in two countries, all 50 states from small-town USA to the largest metros, we need people who have that fire in their belly and a desire to succeed. If you have it, you'll know. Don't let someone else open a Liberty Tax in your hometown. Location. Location. Location. Be Prepared To Be The CEO Do hamburger franchise owners flip the burgers in their stores? No way. Liberty Tax franchisees are CEOs. You manage your store, payroll and marketing. You staff it. Network with other businesses. Connect with your community. This is not another job. And we are not hiring employees. You will be in business for yourself with a very powerful partner in the franchising community. Go ahead make your dreams with a reality. We can't wait to talk to you. 

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Tax Services Franchise Opportunities

Below is a quick comparison of Liberty Tax Service against other Tax Services franchises and business opportunities. For an in depth comparison of Liberty Tax Service with another opportunity including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options click on the name of the company to view the detailed comparison.

Franchise Franchise Fee Royalty Advertising Fee Development Costs
1040TaxBiz N/A $249-$2,899
American Tax and Financial Group $15,000 10% $33,600-$43,000
ATAX $2,500-$17,000 6-10% 5% $34,750-$76,800
Colbert/Ball Tax Service $10,000 15% $27,000-$39,000
Daniel Ahart Tax Service $12,500 12% $26,300-$44,600
Eagle Tax Service $50,000 14% 4% $81,000-$217,000
Econotax $10,000 12% $15,400-$33,000
Fiducial $25,000 7% $30,200-$83,800
Fiesta Insurance $10,000 15%-25% $49,662-$107,458
Giant Franchise Corporation, The $10,000 15% or $300 /month $18,500-$61,375
Graitco $35,000 8% $84,100-$104,500
H & R Block $2,500 30% No Advertising Fees $31,557-$149,398
Happy Tax $20,000-$25,000 10%-20% 2% $30,400-$66,500
Instant Tax Service $39,000 20% $39,000-$89,000
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service $25,000 15% $51,700-$85,400
Ledgers Canada $20,000 $10,000
Listo Tax Solutions $30,000 11.5% $55,200-$92,200
National Tax Centers of America $10,000 15% $15,400-$33,000
Padgett Business Services $15,000-$56,000 9%+ $20,200-$99,975
Roni Deutch Tax Center $29,000 $30,633-$119,950
Sareen & Associates $20,000 15% $758,000
SiempreTax+ $25,000-$40,000 Varies 5% $43,700-$71,900
Smart Tax $20,000 15-20% 3% Nat'l $1500Local $36,650-$93,600
Succentrix Business Advisors $21,500 7% 1% $37,600-$49,300
Tax Centers of America $15,500 Varies $28,900
Tax Planning Centre $15,000 $25,000
Tax Refund Store, The $25,000 12% $42,000-$50,000
Trans Canada Tax Service $4,000 $23,000-$28,000