Ho-Lee-Chow vs Yoshi's Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of Ho-Lee-Chow vs Yoshi's including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

Ho-Lee-Chow Franchise
Yoshi's Franchise
Investment $75,000 - $175,000$142,000 - $215,000
Franchise Fee $25,000$20,000
Royalty Fee 6%-
Advertising Fee 3%-
Year Founded 1989-
Year Franchised 1989-
Term Of Agreement --
Term Of Agreement --
Renewal Fee --

Business Experience Requirements

Ho-Lee-Chow Franchise
Yoshi's Franchise
Experience --

Financing Options

Ho-Lee-Chow Franchise
Yoshi's Franchise
  In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
Franchise Fees -/--/-
Start-up Costs -/--/-
Equipment -/--/-
Inventory -/--/-
Receivables -/--/-
Payroll -/--/-

Training & Support

Ho-Lee-Chow Franchise
Yoshi's Franchise
Training --
Support --
Marketing --
Operations --

Expansion Plans

Ho-Lee-Chow Franchise
Yoshi's Franchise
US Expansion --
Canada Expansion No-
International Expansion No-

Company Overviews

About Ho-Lee-Chow

The Ho-Lee Chow concept capitalizes on the quick-food service industry. They cater to the North American love of Chinese food with a quality product and impeccable standards of preparation and delivery. It is fresh, attractive, delicious and healthful, low in additivies and free of MSG. Prepared and delivered hot, fast and fresh to home or office. The Ho-Lee-Chow� concept is based upon applying proven franchise principles to Chinese Food - the last frontier of Quick-Service restaurants. Until Ho-Lee-Chow� was conceived, consumers just couldn't find Chinese Food with the quality, service, value and cleanliness that they have come to expect from other quick service providers, such as hamburgers, subs, pizza and chicken. People want more variety now. Their lifestyles still make convenient quick service food a necessity, but they want a break from the basic fare. The ethnic food sector is booming, and Chinese Food is a favorite.

About Yoshi's

Thank you for your interest in Yoshi's Franchise Program. We believe that the Japanese quick service concept is poised to surge in popularity and that Yoshi's Franchise Program is extremely well positioned to take advantage of this explosive growth. We are actively seeking enthusiastic, dedicated franchisees who believe in the potential of the Yoshi's concept.