DirectBuild Cost Comparisons

About DirectBuild

DirectBuild is a franchised concept that provides turnkey consulting programs to clients that enable them to build or remodel a home without using a general contractor. DirectBuild provides a comprehensive, step-by-step building plan along with one-on-one support. DirectBuild consultants assist clients through every phase of the home-building process from budgeting to hiring subcontractors and selecting materials at discounted rates. The program allows an owner-builder to efficiently manage their own construction project and achieve the best quality for their money. DirectBuild consultants can also assist clients in early-stage activities such as finding the right piece of property, drawing house plans or securing home-building loans. Clients can take advantage of DirectBuild's affiliations with major lending and real estate companies to help them identify suitable properties and how much they can afford. Clients are charged a flat fee based on the size and complexity of a project. Fees range from six to nine percent of building costs and are divided into two parts: 10 percent is paid upfront for pre-construction planning with the balance paid incrementally during construction.