Premier Home Furnishings Cost Comparisons

About Premier Home Furnishings

Premier Home Furnishings combines the best of lease-to-own with the best of retail to attract a wider range of customers and give them greater flexibility in products and payment plans. Many lease-purchase dealers are embracing the idea of offering more upscale merchandise that will appeal to retail customers and boost profits. And retailers are realizing the importance of adding lease-to-own payment options to capture more market share and improve their revenue stream in today's economy. Bringing the two together opens the door to success much wider.

Furniture Franchise Opportunities

Below is a quick comparison of Premier Home Furnishings against other Furniture franchises and business opportunities. For an in depth comparison of Premier Home Furnishings with another opportunity including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options click on the name of the company to view the detailed comparison.

Franchise Franchise Fee Royalty Advertising Fee Development Costs
Bellini Furniture $25,000 $139,500-$278,000
BoxDrop $2,500 $17,750-$68,821
Brick, The $40,000 2.5% 4% local $500,000-$1,000,000
Buddy's Home Furnishings $25,000 6% $500/mo. $385,166-$912,594
ColorTyme $25,000 4% $250/ mo $229,575-$357,500
EQ3 N/A $475,000
Flexsmart Office Interiors $50,000 $225,000-$350,000
Furniture Warehouse Outlet $75,000 6% 3% $369,500-$654,500
IntelliBED N/A $100,000-And Up
Old Hippy Fine Home Furnishings $25,000 $125,000-$175,000
Pebblecreek N/A $275,000-$325,000
PMD Furniture Direct $15,000 0 0 $76,500-$146,500
Sears Home Appliance Showrooms $18,000-$54,000 $122,000-$1,895,000
Snooze N/A $230,000-$600,000
Sofa Solutions N/A $125,000-$150,000