123 Refills vs Cartridge on Wheels Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of 123 Refills vs Cartridge on Wheels including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

123 Refills Franchise
Cartridge on Wheels Franchise
Investment $87,000 - $170,000$65,000 - $105,000
Franchise Fee $25,000$25,000
Royalty Fee 6%6%
Advertising Fee 2%0
Year Founded 2004-
Year Franchised 2005-
Term Of Agreement -10 years
Term Of Agreement -10 years
Renewal Fee --

Business Experience Requirements

123 Refills Franchise
Cartridge on Wheels Franchise
Experience --

Financing Options

123 Refills Franchise
Cartridge on Wheels Franchise
  In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
Franchise Fees No/No-/-
Start-up Costs No/No-/-
Equipment No/No-/-
Inventory No/No-/-
Receivables No/No-/-
Payroll No/No-/-

Training & Support

123 Refills Franchise
Cartridge on Wheels Franchise
Training 123 Refills offers 3 weeks of initial intensive training including on-site support and training for new franchisees.*1 week at home office

*1 week at local market

Support Ongoing support is provided via telephone, online and on site visits. 123 Refills software technology is continuously updated to push new information to franchisees about new printer / cartridge releases, technical information, sales material and other vital technology updates to its franchisees. The company is on the forefront of R&D into new cartridge refilling technologies, and supports its franchisees with a centralized product distribution ensuring faster and more efficient product sourcing and delivery.-
Marketing -Rapt van acts as Mobile Billboard
Operations --

Expansion Plans

123 Refills Franchise
Cartridge on Wheels Franchise
US Expansion -Yes
Canada Expansion --
International Expansion --

Company Overviews

About 123 Refills

123 Refills stores offer remanufactured and compatible inkjet, laser toner and other cartridge types at substantial savings compared to buying original cartridges. The stores also offer refill services for most popular models, saving the customers even more when they bring in their empty cartridge to have it professionally refilled and remanufactured by 123 Refills. The key to the product quality and customer satisfaction success for 123 Refills lies in its 3 step remanufacturing process � CLEAN, REFILL and TEST. Clean: All cartridges are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for defects and wear. Old ink or toner is evacuated and the cartridge is prepared for refilling. Cartridges or parts that don't meet the 123 Refills quality standards are removed from the production line. Only the highest quality components make it through to the next step. Refill: Each cartridge that has met the 123 Refills quality standards is then professionally refilled with the company's patented formulas. Test: Every cartridge that is refilled is first tested to ensure that it has been filled to equal or more capacity of the original. In some instances, 123 Refills stores can refill cartridges up to 200% the capacity of the originals. The cartridge is then tested on a physical printer to ensure that it meets or exceeds the company's quality standards.

About Cartridge on Wheels

The Cartridge on Wheels system answers the call for a complete printing supplies program delivered to your desktop. Cartridge on Wheels franchises carries full lines of new and private label prices. Cartridges on Wheels Imaging Supplies Specialist become office managers' and purchasing agents' single source solution for printers and imaging supplies. Personalized service is provided Monday through Friday. We also have the ability to serve your needs seven days a week. Cartridge on Wheels services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our customized electronic ordering system. The World Wide Web allows your office to be open 24-7! Cartridge On Wheels Customer Delivery. Cartridge on Wheels franchise offices are able to customize plans for businesses such as banks, hospitals, office complexes, etc. These customized plans provide service to valued customers in the fashion which best suit the business. Our printer preventive maintenance programs assist printers to work smoothly and efficiently. Cartridge on Wheels offers maintenance kits and installation for most printers, which keeps printers running smoothly so work is never interrupted. The Cartridge on Wheels inventory control system regulates inventory, assists in cost management, and reduces the personnel/purchasing department's time investment. With customer plans like these, customers need not look anywhere else for ink and toner needs. Cartridge on Wheels strives to create loyal customers who value our managed print solutions. Not only does Cartridge on Wheels save valuable time, it also helps to save the environment. The hard, plastic parts of toner and ink cartridges are recycled. This is more than a recycle - refill, it is a true remanufacturing processing oem standards. Our franchise system is committed to making a difference for the business and the planet.