HAPPY NAPPY Cost Comparisons


HAPPY NAPPY Diaper Service is setting the standards for the resurgence of cloth diapers. The Franchise, located in Leduc Aberta, has been in operation since 2005. It is new, innovative and a formula for high profits. A diaper service that has propriety detergents, industry leading diapers manufactured in our own factory and a dedicated team to insure that every franchise is successful and profitable. With thousands of new customers born every day, your market is growing. Low overhead, no retail.
The founders of HAPPY NAPPY Diaper Service have had many successes over the years . During those experiences, they have come to realize that there are many ways to return profits to owners while making everyone involved successful. Returning profits at the expense of employees or Franchise Owners is an unacceptable business plan to them. Many Franchise Owners extract the majority share of the profits and constantly look for ways to increase their corporate income. For Kate & Brent, the spice of life is finding ways to bring as many people as possible along with them in the path of financial independence and quality of life. This new franchise is setting a rapid pace for the resurgence of cloth diapering services, offering all of it ’s customers a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapering and even over traditional or "old school" diaper services. It is an ethical and morally responsible business.