Lebeau Vitres d'autos Cost Comparisons

About Lebeau Vitres d'autos

Lebeau Vitres d'autos serve OVER 100 000 motorists each year.  There are 62 branches located across the province of Quebec and over 100 qualified technicians perform all glass repairs or replacements for your vehicle.  Lebeau Vitres d'autos has a dedicated research and development centre that constantly develops the most up-to-date tools, knowledge and training used by our technicians. Lebeau Vitres d'autos is part of Belron, the World’s leading vehicle glass replacement and repair company. Belron, which operates in 28 countries, has a team of over 12 500 highly skilled technicians that serve more than 8 million customers a year (an average of one customer every 4 seconds).

Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Franchise Opportunities

Below is a quick comparison of Lebeau Vitres d'autos against other Auto Glass Repair & Replacement franchises and business opportunities. For an in depth comparison of Lebeau Vitres d'autos with another opportunity including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options click on the name of the company to view the detailed comparison.

Franchise Franchise Fee Royalty Advertising Fee Development Costs
Abra Auto Body & Glass $35,000 $155,000-$3,375,000
Collision on Wheels $49,000-$100,000 10% 7% $75,000-$195,000
DURO vitres d'autos $10,000 $30,000-$80,000
Glass Magnum $5,000 5% 1% $6,000-And Up
Glass Mechanix $20,000 $500/ month $29,300-$50,100
Go! Glass & Accessories $2,500 $25,000-$135,000