XOCAI Healthy Chocolate Cost Comparisons

About XOCAI Healthy Chocolate

PERFECT TIMING Debt free company with a 5-year proven track record in network marketing, backed by retail sales company with $300 million dollar annual sales. Professional tools, including personal website, strong leadership with on-going training. Excellent compensation plan, both local and global opportunity. A highly consumable product with universal mass appeal, in wellness industry which is predicted to be a trillion $ industry by 2012. Every level entitles you to; eat chocolate for your health, write if off as a taxable business expense, promote it with others and develop passive and inheritable income stream. Product - Unique consumeable backed by solid scientific studies. Gold seal of approval by Brunswick Labs CREATING A PERFECT LIFE! TODAY most people feel powerless, with the job market....or they make incredible income but no time to enjoy. We have dealt with a economy on a down spiral for years and do not see strong signs of change. Find out about a Part-time business that could create a lifetime of income in 3-5 years. Must be committed to improving your life and the life of others. If you are Passionate about HEALTH AND WELLNESS and have the time to COMMIT to a Part time, Home based business you would benefit from what you will learn at this event. We offer; * Flexible hours * Low Investment * Low Fixed Overhead * Global Opportunities * Solid System - marketing tools, training and leadership. * Tax Write offs for Home Based business * Talent team support from various backgrounds. Contact for details "Commit to change, and opportunities will start chasing after you (unavoidable!)"

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