eMed-ID Cost Comparisons

About eMed-ID

They say that timing is everything... For eMed-ID, the timing and opportunity could not be better! Consider the eMed-ID US customer base alone: * 75 Million Seniors * 80 Million Baby Boomers * 50 Million Gen X What do over 205 Million potential customers and a requirement that by 2015 all medical records are to be electronically stored need? The eMed-ID solution: * USB Medical Identity Device * 4 Caregiver Cards * 2 In Case of Emergency (ICE) Cards * Comprehensive Medical Report As the world's first medical identity franchise, eMed-ID was founded and developed by the same people that brought you the world's first and largest child safety franchise; Ident-A-Kid Services of America. www.identakid.com Led by seasoned franchise and business veterans, the eMed-ID franchise system is poised for rapid significant growth. Come grow with us today!