Eyes on Retail Cost Comparisons

About Eyes on Retail

This New York City based Internet Start Up was initially founded and incorporated in 2008 - before we even had a working site. We had a prototype site up for 2 -3 years before having it built in a more sturdy and flexible platform in 2012. Since then, Eyes on Retail has grown into a known presence among Staten Island's local small and large retail community and increasingly among shoppers. Eyes on Retail's goal is to provide fresh, clear and compelling views of all the Unadvertised Clearance merchandise in all of these retail stores. This disruptive business model upends traditional clearance efforts on the part of retailers by our product or service. This is our first effort to project our business model out of our home-base. We have chosen franchising because it offers the fastest track to expand nationwide with speed and compelling value. As a business owner, your primary goals are to maintain your sector on EOR cities as an Area Captain, and keep building on our reputation based upon our business platform (the website) and publicity channels. This is a cheap, footloose, friction free and promising business and is easily maintainable part time - by yourself or with a staff. A Social Media savvy wife and husband team is an ideal combination to be and stay productive. To learn more about us, have access to our books and Business Plan, you will need to sign an NDA. Once that is complete we will be free to proceed.