Little Land Play Gym Cost Comparisons

About Little Land Play Gym

Little Land is an idea, a vision of a place where kids can be kids… and where kids and grow and develop. Sometimes that may look like one-on-one therapy, other times it may be group sessions or open play. The Little Land concept was developed to revolutionize the way pediatric therapy is administered across our community.

Little Land offers a large indoor play area with activities, equipment and games for children to utilize that all have a developmental purpose - but are also fun. Little Land is a place where kids can have fun all while growing and developing to their fullest potential. In addition to the play gym, Little Land offers pediatric Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology in our clinic that is collocated with Little Land Play Gym.

Little Land Pediatric Therapy & Play Gym was founded by Ernie and Debbie Beltz to provide quality therapy as well as a fun and developmental open play environment to kids in their community. After opening the flagship Little Land in Austin, Texas, Ernie and Debbie received overwhelming response from others who were interested in becoming a part of the Little Land family. In January 2017, Little Land Play Gym launched as a franchise system.
Debbie Garcia Beltz is an Occupational Therapist and has worked in the pediatric field for nearly 15 years. Originally from Miami, she has put her skills to work at a number of facilities including children’s hospitals, private clinics and home health. She has a passion for helping infants, toddlers and kids grow to their full potential and realize what they’re truly capable of.
Ernie is the CEO of the Little Land Franchise system and is responsible for managing, developing and maintaining the system as it expands around the globe.
Together, Ernie and Debbie hope to bring Little Land to communities everywhere with the goal to make a positive impact on future generations across our country and around the world.

 $5,000 discount to military veterans and licensed medical professionals.