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Electrolysis hair removal

Cosmetic hair removal is a multi-billion dollar industry and it continues to rise. With many techniques, creams, and pills on the market, Electrolysis remains the only clinically proven permanent solution for hair removal and the Desloges method, which combines local anesthetic with high-precision treatments, offers unparalleled results.

Become a Jade Electrolysis Franchise owner and partner with a company with strong client-focused values, solid service guarantees and top-notch training. Be awarded a Jade Electrolysis franchise, join us in the pursuit to make every client an advocate for life, and be proud and profitable in your own business today.

We offer:

*30 years of experience and permanent results
*A proven marketing plan
*The best training program and method in the market
*The only hair removal company offering guaranteed permanent results - invaluable to marketing
*A Proven operating system
*Ongoing operational support
*Ongoing market analysis and strategic planning
*Marketing and advertising
*The ability to plan your life according to your priorities - you're not limited to typical ‘retail' store hours
*An opportunity to truly effect peoples' happiness and quality of life in the work that you do
*Low initial investment

It's time to give yourself permission to build your days around what's important to you! You're in Control!
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Please Note: The operators of Jade Electrolysis, may not have verified the accuracy of the Franchise information contained within this website. For accurate up-to-date information, investors are strongly recommended to visit the official Jade Electrolysis website.

How much does it cost to open a Jade Electrolysis Franchise?

The investment required to open a Jade Electrolysis Franchise is between $135,000-$198,000. There is an initial franchise fee of $100,000-$182,000 which grants you the license to run a business under the Jade Electrolysis name.

Individual Unit Costs

  • Initial Investment:
  • Initial Franchise Fee:
  • Royalty Fee:
  • Advertising Fee:

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When did the first Jade Electrolysis open? 1990
When did Jade Electrolysis start Franchising? 2010

Year U.S.A. Canada International Corporate
2012 0 3 0 4
2010 0 2 0 4

*History of Electrolysis
*Temporary Hair Removal: a review of temporary hair removal methods so that you are ready to answer your clients' questions
*Microbiology: Proper study of micro-organisms and their diseases as they pertain to electrolysis
*Sterilization: Proper procedures and reprocessing of instruments by British Columbia & Alberta Health standards
*Dermatology: The study of skin and its appendages, structure and function. Abnormalities of the skin and treatment feasibility
*Trichology: The study of hair growth and follicle structure
*Neurology: The study of nerves and the transmission of pain
*Angiology: The body's healing process
*Endocrinology: The study of hormones and their effect on hair growth
*Electricity: The study of the properties and behaviors of electrical currents. How electricity reacts on the skin
*Modalities: The study of the three methods: Electrolysis, Thermolysis, and the Blend method

*Market Development Analysis and Strategy
*Site Selection Review
*Architecture & Design
*Consumer Research
*Locums for holiday relief

*Marketing Brand Orientation
*Brand Positioning and Marketing/Media Strategy Models
*A proven Marketing Plan
*Access to Creative Resources
*Local Marketing Programs

Business Experience:

  • Compatibility with our Mission, Core Beliefs and Values
  • Compatible with our Strategy Positioning Statement and Vision
  • Understands and is in agreement with our Business Principles
  • $40,000 Initial Franchise fee (includes initial training)
  • $30,000 Equipment & Supplies
  • $10,000 - $35,000 working capital and leasehold improvements
  • Physical/Health - Lack can void the franchise agreement
  • Good hand/eye dexterity
  • No communical diseases (Hepititus shots required as part of Franchise Agreement)
  • General good health
  • Proven communication/people skills
  • Team player
  • Ability to work outside normal work hours
  • Must be customer driven
  • Systematic and multi-task oriented
  • Comfortable with computers
  • Friendly
  • Extroverted
  • Good conversationalist
  • Genuinely interested in people
  • Passionate about helping people
  • "Perfectionist"
  • Methodical
  • Ability
  • All 10 of their fingers must be without any physical impairment
  • Manual dexterity
  • Desire to learn
  • To take and follow directions
  • Must be VERY caring about people
  • Ability to create a climate of high expectations for the clients
  • Determination to complete tasks
  • Comfortable with other people's bodies
  • No personal or business bankruptcies
  • Meets our acceptable credit standards

  • To calculate how much income a franchise owner can do at Jade Electrolysis Franchise, may vary on factors like location, size etc., On the other side as a business owner your goals to maintain the quality of service while streaming sales high and expenses low. As any other franchise may include rent/mortgage, staffing/family, inventory supplies, utilities, administrative costs vise vera. Location to location and seasons the months costs may vary. Most franchises start up costs are typically fixed and they will cover most of the initial operating costs like signage, furniture, decoration and renovations.

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    Jade Electrolysis

    Jade Electrolysis

    13 - 13520 Crestwood Place
    Richmond, BC
    V6V 2G3


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