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The "perfect storm".

A "perfect storm" is a confluence of events that drastically impacts a situation. It is also noted when there is a rare combination of factors.

We believe that with Driverseat, you have the perfect storm. Take an industry with high growth, worth in excess of $2B a year in Canada and over $20B annually in North America. Combine that with a new concept, so innovative and cutting edge that Driverseat is talked about in every market that we enter.

Now mix in with that the significant interest in franchising in North America as a growth model and as a business choice for franchisees, the relatively low cost of getting your franchise started, the business model and the experience of the co-founders, and that is what we like to call a perfect storm.

The exciting part of owning your own business

Owning your business is exciting. You control the hours, the work, the level of politics in your office, your income, your priorities and ultimately, your future. Learning is exciting; getting that first customer is exciting; being interviewed in the newspaper and having your family see your photo there is exciting. Self-employed people are generally happier in life, have less unhealthy stress and get to prioritize family when they want to, not when the boss says it is ok to.
The "not so fun" part of owning your own business

Owning a business can be stressful. You have decisions to make daily that are in unchartered territory. You are good at some things, but not an expert in all things. You have to develop that expensive web site and app, you have to determine how best to market, you have employees to deal with and the cost, well that is something that keeps you up at night. On top of that, you have to fill in when your employees are not there, manage food or inventory and worry about the logistics and shipments and other things related to your inventory.

The great news is that with Driverseat, you don't have any of those issues. As a franchise based business, you are using a proven model, you have the expertise of the co-founders, you have marketing support and you have other franchisees who you can learn from. Driverseat franchises have little to no permanent employees, no inventory, low start-up costs and a great profitability model.

The Driverseat franchise model

Driverseat is a home-based franchise model. As a franchise partner, your primary role is to be the marketing driver in your local community. Hiring contract drivers to complete the rides means that you can focus on building the brand, and your business. What's truly exciting about that, is that it makes Driverseat one of the only truly scalable home-based business models. There are very few barriers to growth, and getting busier does not necessarily mean you have to work more hours. Furthermore, your ongoing fixed overhead costs are minimal, which reduces the risks associated with being self-employed.

Balance of life

We believe in the balance of life. Lifestyle is one of the main reasons quoted when a franchisee speaks to us about why they chose Driverseat. Working from home, on a very flexible schedule, makes this franchise model appealing and one that is the envy of many other businesses. We believe in working hard but we believe in doing so with a finite amount of time invested. Want to take your children to the dentist? Just take them. It won't impact your business at all. Want to be free to go shopping with your spouse on a weekday? Interested in sleeping in then starting work late? Want to avoid the commute? These are all aspects of having your own Driverseat that makes it just so appealing.


Each Driverseat franchisee will determine how much he/she wants to make at their franchise location. With 8 service offerings, there is a variety of markets to target. Our flat cost royalty means that you won't be paying a percentage of your monthly revenue to us, but rather a flat rate.

Want to own 2 or 3 Driverseat franchises? That is absolutely possible with the systems we have developed to ensure you can run, market and oversee the business without having to work in each of your business units.
The next steps

Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Do you want to be part of something that is fundamentally different, socially responsible and fun! The next steps are easy:

Call us at 1-855-374-8390 or email us at [email protected]
Review our FDD and franchise agreement
Make your decision
Attend training
Start your business

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Driverseat
Business is ranges from $37,400 to $58,550. This includes between
$26,050 and $31,150 that must be paid to the franchisor or its
affiliate.  Driverseat area developers acquire the right to develop
multiple  Driverseat Businesses in a designated development area.
total investment necessary to begin operation of a Driverseat area
developer business will depend on the number of  Driverseat Businesses to
be opened.
The total investment necessary to begin operation of a
Driverseat area developer business operating three franchises ranges
from $91,200 to $142,650, including $57,150 to $60,450 that must be paid
to the franchisor or its affiliates. For each additional Driverseat
Business opened under an area development agreement, you will pay the
same costs as a single franchise, but the development fee will be
discounted with each business.

It's time to give yourself permission to build your days around what's important to you! You're in Control!
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Please Note: The operators of Driverseat, may not have verified the accuracy of the Franchise information contained within this website. For accurate up-to-date information, investors are strongly recommended to visit the official Driverseat website.

How much does it cost to open a Driverseat Franchise?

The investment required to open a Driverseat Franchise is between $37,400-$142,650. There is an initial franchise fee of $13,000 which grants you the license to run a business under the Driverseat name.

Individual Unit Costs

  • Initial Investment:
  • Initial Franchise Fee:
  • Royalty Fee:
  • Advertising Fee:

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With our week-long full-time training course and on-going support, we support you each and every step of the way. The team at Driverseat can be reached for questions and you will have their mobile numbers on hand if you need to talk, discuss an idea or ask a question.

The co-founders (also brothers) have extensive experience in business, manufacturing, retailing and franchising. With a strength in sales, marketing, human resources and process management, you will be partnering with two leaders who's passion for the brand and your business unit will have you wondering why you didn't do this earlier.

To calculate how much income a franchise owner can do at Driverseat Franchise, may vary on factors like location, size etc., On the other side as a business owner your goals to maintain the quality of service while streaming sales high and expenses low. As any other franchise may include rent/mortgage, staffing/family, inventory supplies, utilities, administrative costs vise vera. Location to location and seasons the months costs may vary. Most franchises start up costs are typically fixed and they will cover most of the initial operating costs like signage, furniture, decoration and renovations.

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