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DISCOVERY BAY, CA | Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Parents today enroll their children in a variety of sports programs � not so they will become professional athletes, but for the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, teamwork and discipline. Parents have not typically invested equal amounts of time or money in “training” their children to become successful learners. That, they think, is what schools are for. While parents who want their children to be successful soccer players would not depend solely on a school PE class to achieve that goal, teaching children to become successful learners is a process that needs to take place outside of as well as within the classroom. Training successful learners is the role of tutoring. For years, tutoring was seen as being only for “slow” children, or those who struggled in a particular academic area. Now, however, that perception is changing and there’s an explosion in the enrollment of children in tutoring programs. According to Larry Schwartz,, Tutoring Club founder and CEO, “Many of the kids at our centers are already at or above grade level- we are helping them hone their learning skills in the same way that a child would go to a basketball or soccer camp to improve his or her playing ability.” Historically, tutoring was characterized by one-on-one teaching. More recently, companies have created software to achieve the same result through computers. For Tutoring Club, which was recently ranked as one of the top 10 new franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine, blending these approaches makes the most sense.

Explains Schwartz, “We see computers as useful tools for diagnosis and for compiling lesson plans based on that diagnosis. At that point we turn the individualized instruction over to a staff comprised of people who are either credentialed teachers or who hold advanced academic degrees. The focus is not on the tutor so much as the consistency and relevance of the individualized lesson plans applied to each child.” Parents who enroll their children at Tutoring Club get an unprecedented guarantee: to raise each child’s academic level by a full grade in less time and at lower cost than any other program on the market. “Parents are realizing that tutoring is a means of giving children the confidence they need to become successful learners,” says Schwartz, “That’s a skill that will serve them long after they finish Little League.”

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