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MIAMI | Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nirvana on Pancakes

We bounded up busy Southeast First Street with the urgency of hungry men, ducking in and out of the noontime sidewalk mobs and dreaming of something more exotic than the steamy hotdogs that usually dominate downtown Miami's street fare. And then - a sweet aroma. A man in a chef's-hat. A talented pair of hands delicately wrapping sauteed bits of meat and vegetables in a light crepe (a very thin, very tasty pancake) worthy of a fine French restaurant. A half-dozen people in suits and business dresses stood in line, watching his artistry and trying not to drool. Chef Jose Garcia coolly took orders, smoothly turning out crepes containing honey and bananas, crepes of cheesecake and strawberries, crepes containing black beans, sweet red peppers, chunks of chicken, fresh romaine and tomatoes. Vegetable's crepes, Virginia Ham crepes, turkey breast crepes. As we watched a businessman nibble at a crepe beneath a small tree, it was possible for a moment to imagine that we were in Paris, not the capital of the Caribbean. Paris is exactly where the owner Chris Hoffman got the idea. He and his wife vacationed there three years ago and ate crepes made at wooden stands along the streets. So now the crepe chef has become one of downtown's better noontime attractions. The menu ranges from the exotic to low-fat and healthy - at least that's what we tell ourselves. Want something catered? They'll do that, too. Call 305-233-1113. It will probably ring busy.

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