It's A Lousey Job

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dawn Mucci has a lousey job. She knows how to find a real louse, nit pick him to death and take him out of his misery. Since word is spreading as fast as the lice themselves, Dawn offers her services and her expertise to those suffering the traumatic event of having to deal with lice.

The following are the five stages people typically experience when dealing with Lice.

1 - Humiliation. When you get that first phone call from the school nurse telling you that your kids have lice the first thing that hits your minds is "no one in my family has ever had lice! Not us!" Before long, the neighbours are keeping a distance of two feet and your kids' friends aren't allowed to play at your house.

2 - Acceptance. You've looked closely at your kids' heads to find a miniscule whitish bubble stuck to the hair shaft an inch or two from the scalp, usually behind the ears or at the nape of the neck. Now all of the neighbours' kids and your kids' friends have discovered that they too have nits. Humiliation is replaced by special shampoos and scalp creams.

3 - Confidence. You think you've got the problem licked. All the bedding in the house has been washed in hot water and bleach, everything else has been sprayed, and you've had the neighbours over for a delousing party, to scrub each others hair in special shampoo. All seems well until - the scratching returns! 4 - Incredulity/Rage. You're scratching, and it's not because that awful shampoo dried out your scalp. You check your kids to find out their scalp looks like a newly poured bubble bath! Argh!!! Disbelief and rage set in at the same moment. You're almost ready for a full psychological assessment and some valium.

5 - Worse. After repeating Steps One through Four several times and Nit, Louse and Lice Jokes have become common place in your neighbourhood, you can prepare for Worse. Pink-eye, warts, the flu, colds, unplanned pregnancies, acne, chemical dependence, inappropriate hair growth and toe jam are on the agenda for the next few years.

Founded in 1999 by Dawn Mucci, The LiceSquad has hired 22 more nit pickers to help keep up with the demand. The recent head lice epidemic has gone full force. Drug stores are sold out, parents are frustrated and it seems that lice are no longer a nuisance, but big business. "I've always been called a picky person," says Mucci. "So I just took one of my best qualities and put it to good use. I enjoy my lice work, more than you could imagine. Only because people are so grateful to have creepy, itchy bugs out of their hair and because I am the one able to help them with a problem that so many avoid. That is something I think we all should aim for, helping each other, no matter what." You can learn more about The LiceSquad in the April issue of Today's Parent and on The Discovery Channel on the show called Human Wildlife. Residents can call a free 24 hour hotline at 1-877-410-LICE or visit

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