Extreme Marketing Makeover: Profit-tell Teaches Businesses Value Of 'sound' Marketing Practices

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

As the economy continues to force businesses to slash their marketing and advertisement budgets, PROFIT-TELL, an innovative advertising franchise, recently introduced the Extreme Marketing Makeover, a free service that is helping business owners nationwide revamp their marketing programs to better attract and retain customers. In fact, according to a recent PROFIT-TELL client survey, participants in the Extreme Marketing Makeover program, reported at least a 10 percent, with up to a 75 percent increase in sales and revenue generation.

"PROFIT-TELL provided us with "sound" business advice," said Sean Ruxton, Sales Manager for Merit Building Supply in Chicago. "Since implementing the suggested changes from our Extreme Marketing Makeover, we have sold literally tens of thousands of dollars in cabinets - a product that most of our customers didn't even know we had." As part of its revolutionary marketing approach, PROFIT-TELL offers business owners a wide array of cost-effective alternatives to traditional marketing tactics that help them reach out to customers in "new-age" ways. Using its Extreme Marketing Makeover service, PROFIT-TELL evaluates a business owners existing marketing materials including its website, company newsletters and print ads. Following the evaluation, business owners are provided with customized solutions to increase the effectiveness of the company's strategy.

"PROFIT-TELL's Extreme Marketing Makeover gives business owners a one-of-a-kind opportunity to re-evaluate their marketing approach and enhance their existing materials with campaigns that are incorporated in telephone on-hold time, audio-enhanced websites, and "talking" newsletters," said Dave Hearld, president and founder of PROFIT-TELL. "Most business owners who use our services see an immediate improvement to their bottom line." Innovative and Specialized, Promo-Tell reaches 100 percent of retail customers.

When clients visit your business, they are ready to do business. Christine Kakaletris, Chicago-based franchisee states, "Promo-Tell is a fantastic vehicle for my retail clients to sell products and promotions to 100 percent of their existing and prospective customers through overhead announcements." Christine goes on to say, "In fact, many of my Promo-Tell clients' enjoy this customized marketing tool at no cost! Not only do my clients' select the music and information about their company and employees they want to broadcast, but they have also chosen to sell neighboring stores a spot for their advertisements." Promo-Tell provides a quick and measurable way to dramatically increase sales and goodwill across one's business community. A helpful and professional tool for any retail business.

Turn Hold to Sold Often times, companies spend $300 to $5,000 a month on advertising. Then, when people call in response to an ad, they hear static-filled radio chatter, canned music or dead air - all ineffective and typically annoying. With radio music playing on-hold, businesses often give free advertising to the competition that may be advertising on the radio station they're playing. Additionally, U.S. copyright laws require that a business pay for the rights to play a radio station while on hold, or be subject to fines.

Craig Thurber, President, The Thurber Company, shares the following experience, "A couple of years ago one of our established customers did not realize that we sold food-grade chemicals, until he heard our on-hold message." Thurber states, "This resulted in sales of over $50,000 to that customer, and has made us a more important vendor to them." The North American Telecommunications Association reports that 90 percent of new prospects will hang up within the first 40 seconds of being on hold when they hear nothing but silence. The same research shows that callers stay on the phone 30 seconds longer with music and for up to three minutes longer if they receive information. An on-hold marketing program can be used to announce events and trade shows, reinforce promotional advertising, enhance your image and drive more sales from existing customers. "Most companies have implemented an audio marketing solution for only $3 to $4 per day, which is a relatively small price to cross-educate customers on every single product or service that a business offers," Hearld said. "On-hold messaging is like the ultimate built-in employee - a friendly voice who talks to each customer that calls and tells them everything the business does. The best part is, the "employee" is never late, never sick and never goes on vacation." Talking Newsletters and Websites = Memorable Marketing Studies show that people only remember 10 percent of what they read, and 20 percent of what they hear, but they remember up to 50 percent of what they both read and hear simultaneously. A website marketing program can be used for audio instructions, promoting special products, company image enhancement, help guides and other key business tools.

"Many business owners find that by bringing their website to life, they turn visitors into buyers," Hearld said. "The use of audio marketing offers business of all types and sizes the opportunity to create great lasting impressions on existing and potential customers." Once the initial sale is made, keeping contact with current customers is a must for repeat business and customer relations. Instead of sending a newsletter, new product update or a traditional thank you note on paper, PROFIT-TELL enables business owners to send it on CD. Laura Osheaski, a creative consultant and professional writer at Profit-Tell states, "Our clients have used this service for sales training, company overview and directions on how to use a product. One client sent a CD to alumni asking for donations for a new building on campus!" Unlike a piece of paper that can be tossed out, a CD will peak the interest of your customer. About PROFIT-TELL International, Inc.

PROFIT-TELL International, Inc., founded in 1993, is an advertising company that creates lucrative audio marketing opportunities at a low cost for businesses of any size by enhancing their current advertising methods. PROFIT-TELL executives expect to award 100 franchises in the United States within the next 18 months.

Prospective franchise candidates possess above average interpersonal skills, enjoy consultative selling and seek to get on the ground floor of a low-investment, one of its kind business opportunity. Profit-Tell can be operated as a home-based business by one person or expanded to include a sales force. Corporate fully trains franchisees from hands-on experience to lead generation and sales recruiting. Regions for franchisees include up to 250,000 people. Total capital requirements range from $25,500 to $29,500, which includes the initial franchise fee. Profit-Tell distinguishes the potential of its franchise opportunity by filing an Earnings Claim in its Franchise Document ("UFOC").

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