Mrs. Taruna Patel Held The 1st U C Mas Uk Abacus And Mental Arithmetic Competition

Saturday, September 24, 2005

It was held on 24th september, 2005 at the ealing town-hall. The guest of honour for the inaugural event was mr. Michael elliot, the mayor of the london borough of ealing. U c mas, the universal concept of mental arithmetic system, originated in china and introduced to the world by mr. Dino wong from malaysia. This concept focuses on the total brain development for the children aged between 4 and 12 years old with the use of the ancient chinese tool called abacus, with which the use of four fingers and two hands movement stimulates both sides of the brain for the whole brain development concept. This concept is in operation since 1993 but has entered the western world only recently. Its presence in uk has been only for the last few months but the progress and growth has been very encouraging. In the short seven months u c mas uk has 13 franchises all around the greater london areas almost 80 students were able to participate in this competition having completed 1st level of this concept. More than 80 students had enrolled for the competition where they had to complete upto 100 sums of all levels in under eight minutes, which included additions and substractions. The ages of the children ranged from four years to twelve years. The performance by the competition children definitely amazed mr. Mayor, but what was more amazing was the live demonstration and performance by the invited whiz kid preethy from india together with her course instructor miss geetha. Preethy performed 3 x 3 and 4 x 3 multiplications and divisions at the blink of an eyelid. She even wowed the crowd with her abilities to calculate a 10 x 10 digit sum in less than 40 seconds and a 15 x 10 digit sum within 55 seconds. Whilst the children were working on the competition paper, the live demonstration was on at the same time, giving a message to some of the concerned parents that their children can concentrate with all the activities taking place simultaneously in the same hall. Their children's performance was there for all to witness the abilities of u c mas children to concentrate, calculate, their speed & accuracy and self confidence all visible at the same time.

Mr. Mayor mentioned the importance of mental calculations as compared to over usage of the calculators and other such gadgets would definitely be a skill that can be carried through a lifetime with the visible results. After the competition was over some of the same children trained in u c mas uk also performed their abilities to calculate single digit sums, 6 rows without an abacus - mentally. Our guests of honour mr. Kapil dev - ex. Cricketing captain and legend from india, mr. Charles patel - an enterpreneur from uk, mr. Prabhakar - ceo of bank of baroda, uk operations and ms. Soundri � master franchisee from uae were present for the prize distribution ceremony. The results were very surprising as many children had attempted and completed all 100 sums. And the childrenwere honoured to have received their trophies from these dignitaries. The champions trophy winner ms. Veenitha was sponsored by u c mas uk, master franchisee mrs. Taruna patel, to compete in the international competition in november held every year at kulalampur, malaysia, u c mas head quarters. Over all the huge success of the competition and its results gave the message to the parents about u c mas and its proven concept. A concept that helps you discover the full potential within each child and gives them lifetime skills like listening, photographic memory, concentration, creativity, speed & accuracy, comprehension and self confidence. Uc mas concept helps every parent discover the genius within each child. Its global representation is getting stronger with the presence of u c mas in uk now, and very soon the united states too. The first u c mas competition of uk is just a beginning for this mind boggling concept. The competition has given the parents of the already enrolled students at one of many u c mas centres across the country a very pleasant surprise seeing the results and performance of their own children in a very short time. C MAS (UK) LTD ROWN HOUSE SUITE No.3, NINTH FLOOR 60 NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD PARK ROYAL LONDON NW10 7PN Phone :020 8965 7577, Mobile : 079 2126 9293

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