Wichita Mother And Daughter Launch Digikids´┐Ż Franchise,

WICHITA, KANSAS | Thursday, July 05, 2007

Advanced Child Safety ID Kits Available to Local Parents

The mother-daughter team of Marcia Duncan and Shandee Johnson have opened the newest office of DIGIKIDS´┐Ż, the fast-growing business dedicated to putting parents in full control of their child's safety in the event the child is missing or abducted.

Their business, based in Wichita and serving all of Sedgwick County, is the first DIGIKIDS franchise in Kansas and the 28th nationally. DIGIKIDS creates child safety ID kits that allow parents to quickly provide law enforcement officials, the media, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), and other agencies with key information about the child to speed recovery.

The kit includes a mini-CD that two high-resolution digital photos along with medical and identifying information, along with a laminated ID card. The kit is designed to be carried with a parent at all times, so that if the child is missing, the parent can use the CD in any computer to immediately print "missing child" posters and flyers and, if necessary, e-mail it instantly.

Marcia spent 19 years as a school nurse, and raised Shandee and two other daughters as a single mother, so she knows how concerned parents are about the safety of their children. Shandee, a mother of two herself, recently left a job with a shipping company and was looking for the opportunity to be her own boss.

Marcia and Shandee point out that what makes DIGIKIDS different is how it empowers parents in the event their child is missing. When DIGIKIDS creates the child safety CD and gives it to the parent, it is the only copy of the information. DIGIKIDS keeps none of the child's information in any computer or database, so it can never fall into the wrong hands. Marcia and Shandee will visit daycares, schools, churches, and community events in Wichita and Sedgwick County to create the DIGIKIDS Child Safety ID kits, a process that only takes two minutes, for a nominal fee.

"If a child is missing, it is the first 20 minutes that matter the most," said Michael J. Childs, founder of DIGIKIDS. "Immediate access to a good photo of the child and an accurate description are critical. With a DIGIKIDS Child Safety ID kit, which includes a CD and ID card, a parent can keep that kind of information always available, which will help authorities do their job and reunite the child with his or her parents." "Shandee and I love the prospect of working with children and promoting child safety and educating people about how the DIGIKIDS kits can help," Marcia said. "We wanted a business that would let us do something to provide real value to the community, and DIGIKIDS does that." More than 2,200 children are reported to police as lost or missing each day in the United States. Many of those children are found safe within hours, but no matter how short a time a child may be missing, it is an agonizing experience for a parent. That was the genesis for Childs' founding of DIGIKIDS.

"We developed a system that helps parents take the most effective action as soon as possible to find and recover their children," Childs explained. "Instead of panicking in those first minutes, they can immediately put the DIGIKIDS Child Safety ID kit to work to help find their child, greatly increasing the chances of a safe recovery." About DIGIKIDS Founded in 2003, DIGIKIDS delivers peace of mind with the most advanced and effective child safety ID available today. The company's representatives create a CD and ID card in about two minutes, with the only copy of any of the information given immediately to the parents. The CD contains photos of the child, physical description and medical information that is vital in an emergency. For more information about DIGIKIDS or about franchise opportunities, visit www.digikids-id.com or call 888-DIGIKIDS.

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