Superior Walls By Weaver Precast Donates Superior Walls Foundation To Abc Tv's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Weaver Precast, Inc. committed to participate in the Extreme Makeover, Home Edition on March 11th. Ken Dewey, owner of Dewey Home contacted Gary Weaver to discuss the project and the family. Located in Northeast Philadelphia, the Py family, William, Carole and their three orphaned grandchildren, would receive a beautiful new home. Their existing home, plagued by asbestos and lead problems, would be demolished and rebuilt in a remarkable seven days.

In less than two weeks from the initial phone conversation on the 11th, our staff participated in multiple meetings with ABC, the builder and a multitude of other subcontractors that would be participating in the project. The project consisted of 271 lineal feet of 4' 0" walls.

March 24th was "show time" for Weaver Precast. The Extreme Makeover projects have been labeled by ABC and other builders as the "Superbowl of the Construction Industry." "Friday was our "Superbowl." We were scheduled with a five hour time slot to install our wall system beginning at 8pm. Due to unforeseen challenges on the jobsite, we were unable to start our installation until 9pm. Teamwork, hard work and dedication along with a strong desire to get the job done, allowed us to complete the installation by 12:00am. This was just three hours after we started! Our sincere thanks go out to each and every team member that participated in the project. We should all be very proud of our effort along with the effort of the builder and the other subcontractors associated with the project. It was truly a remarkable experience and we should be very proud of our accomplishments. The Py family was in a complete state of shock when they returned to their home.

Brothers John and Ken Dewey of Dewey Companies, a residential builder/developer from Wayne, PA, and hundreds of subcontractors, local businesses and volunteers joined together to build a new home in just one week's time this past March for William and Carole Py who are raising their three grandchildren after the tragic deaths of their daughter and son-in-law.

It was daunting task only made possible with the local support and donations of labor, money and materials from so many generous people and companies who worked around the clock to create a safe new home for the Py family.

Life changed for the Py family on March 22, when Ty Pennington and the design team of ABCs "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" showed up on their doorstep to announce that they had been chosen from thousands of applicants to receive a brand new home.

After raising four children of their own and putting them all through college, William and Carole Py never expected to do it again-- to raise three grandchildren after the tragic deaths of their daughter and son-in-law. Adding to the stressful financial situation was the fact that their house contained asbestos and lead paint.

In July 1997, the Py's 33-year old son-in-law took a nap and never woke up. He passed away from a brain aneurysm, leaving behind a young widow and three little children. But the worst was yet to come. While pregnant with the youngest child Joey, The Py's daughter Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer. She picked up her children and moved in with her parents. In November 1998 at the age of 28, Sandra lost her battle with cancer leaving behind her three beautiful children.

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