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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Very few people when they look into starting a franchise think about the long term, obviously most will hope that when they start their franchised business, that will be their long term future, however buying a franchise and the skills your learn from running a business, can open the doors to other opportunities.

Steve Jenner of Lasertech North Kent, started his franchise 5 years ago after having over 15 years in a successful sales career. Steve is now looking to sell his Lasertech franchise as it has opened further opportunities to him that wouldn't of been available had he stuck it out in a sales job.

Steve comments "When you start a business, franchise or not, in the beginning you are the van driver, managing director, accountant and warehouseman. Because it was my own business I had to learn (although it must be said the franchisor helped) to manage budgets, cashflow and invoice management, develop sales targets and marketing strategies. Five years on I now see myself as a businessman and no longer a salesman" Since starting his Lasertech franchise Steve has built a very successful business, turning over just under �300,000 per year from just a single van and based from home. With low overheads from being home based, Steve has earned himself a substantial income over the last few years and has proven his new found business management abilities.

Coming up to his fifth year Steve came across an opportunity that really appealed to him and he invested what he had earned from his franchise into it. The reason Steve is moving from Lasertech is as he comments "I used to manage a large and successful sales team, but I always had the frustration of people not meeting my own expectations, this led me to want to work on my own which is one of the reason why I purchased the Lasertech franchise. However five years on my franchise has reached the stage where the only way forward for it is to employ staff, and that is basically a position I did not want to be in" Martin Hawthorne Lasertech's Franchise Recruitment Manager added "Over the years Steve has clearly proven the potential of the Lasertech franchise and as a company we are delighted that he feels he has improved his skills considerably as well. Steve has made the decision and quite rightly, that in order to grow further he needs to employ staff, but as he doesn't want to go down that route all we can do is support him in the sale of his franchise and try and find him a buyer that will take what he has built to the next level." Steve is not looking to "make a fortune" out of the sale of his business as more important to him is leaving it with someone who can build the business further. Already this very profitable but "priced to sell" franchise is attracting some interest, however, he is yet to find a definite buyer that will allow him to follow this opportunity.

For more information on Lasertech or The Lasertech North Kent resale please contact Martin Hawthorne at Lasertech UK Contact: Martin Hawthorne Franchise Manager Lasertech UK 0870 787 2323 [email protected] Company History Lasertech are one of the largest manufacturers of printer cartridges in the UK. Established in 1989 using a �1500 Princes Youth Business Trust Loan Lasertech today offers more than 30,000 printer consumables and offices products via 85+ franchisees and a mail order business. Lasertech operate a unique printer cartridge recycling scheme that allows customers to earn credit for empty cartridges and also provide the option to donate to charity. Lasertech have recently expanded into Ireland and Spain and are now looking for additional franchisees and master franchisees across Europe.

NOTE TO EDITORS: For additional information visit Lasertech Franchise Website or call Lasertech Franchise Division (44) 0870 428 3994.

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