Tidy Homes For Tiny Tots

Monday, November 05, 2007

Crying newborns and cleanliness don't often go hand in hand. Especially for first time parents, who hardly have time to sleep, much less keep a clean house.

However, it is important for new parents to make sure their home is a safe and healthy environment for their baby. Contaminants like radon, carbon monoxide, lead and allergens can make their way into your home, putting your baby at risk for sickness or injury. Proper cleaning ensures your little ones will be safe as they explore the new environment.

THE MAIDS Home Services, a residential cleaning franchise specializing in cleaning for health, has the following tips for new parents: • Viruses and bacteria are commonly spread by contact with diapers, changing areas, uncooked meat, bathrooms, high chairs and toys. Handling any of these items puts you at risk for contaminating your baby with bacteria. Wash your hands with soap and warm water after changing diapers, handling food or cleaning supplies.

• Be mindful when using aerosol air fresheners and cleaners as the airborne chemicals could be harmful to your baby's health. When using cleaners, spray directly on a cloth, being careful of overspray.

• To easily clean areas like changing tables, high chairs and bathtubs, use pre-moistened disinfectant wipes.

• Don't wax wooden or linoleum stairs. The wax makes for a slippery surface.

• Keep babies away from fireplaces. Creosote, the byproduct of burning wood, can be toxic.

• Clean and sanitize bath and teething toys using your dishwasher. Make sure items are dishwasher safe and are placed securely on the racks away from the heat source. Turn off "heat dry" and run the wash cycle as usual.

• Make sure all carpeting has a flat pile. Bacteria and mites can nestle into thicker, shag carpets and crawling babies can pick up these contaminants.

• Wipe up any spills immediately.

• Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home to safeguard against carbon monoxide poisoning.

About THE MAIDS Home Services: THE MAIDS Home Services, founded in 1979, is the most trusted name in home services due to their consistent quality service and premium products which meet or exceed customer' expectations. Rated as the fastest-growing residential cleaning franchise in Entrepreneur magazine for the past four years, THE MAIDS is one of the oldest and largest residential cleaning franchisers in the United States and Canada, serving over 40 states and four provinces in North America. For more information, visit THE MAIDS Home Services' Web site at www.maids.com, "Nobody Outcleans The Maids."

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