Ho Math And Chess Announces The New Invention Of Ho Ho Math And Chess For Kids

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mr. Frank Ho, CEO and founder of Ho Math and Chess, is very pleased to announce the new invention of a workbook especially designed for children to learn chess as young as 4 years old.

This new method of teaching chess uses the idea of playing games instead of just teaching children on how to move chess pieces which is a traditional way of learning chess.

"We have done some experimental teaching using the new method of teaching chess to some kindergartners through games, and the result exceeds out expectation." says Frank Ho who is the creator of this new chess teaching method.

Traditional way of teaching chess to young kids is to introduce them chess pieces and chess moves and let them play pawn games etc. This way of teaching often tends to discourage some children since they could not follow so many rules and most of time they have no idea as to why each piece has to move in different ways? All these rules have no meanings to them in the beginning.

The new idea of teaching chess is to use non-chess games which possess chess rules to introduce chess moves indirectly. Children found this way of learning is more interesting than just to memorize chess moves since these non-chess games have a quick and more direct impact than a normal chess game when they do not know how to play chess well. Children feel happy if they can solve a puzzle, but they can not get the same feeling when playing pure chess games as beginners.

Children having fun by playing non-chess games but at the same time also learning chess moves, the results are immediately felt if they made wrong moves. Each game is short and the rules are simple, each game is different and also challenging.

There are three major components making this new chess teaching method successfully, they are Frankho Maze, Frankho Puzzle, Frankho Connection.

All games are using the proprietary and copyright protected product of Ho Math and Chess Teaching Set. These new games and puzzles combine math, chess, logic, Sudoku all on one worksheet.

A joint venture is also under discussion to introduce this program to China in 2009.

For more information, please visit www.mathandchess.com.

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