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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Canadian Military is on the front lines defending the sovereignty of our borders and territories, protecting our natural resources and defending the world against aggression, oppression and crimes against humanity. They sacrifice family time and personal security so that the rest of us can live in peace. They all give some, and unfortunately, some give all.

The transition from military service to civilian life can be overwhelming at times. It can be difficult to know what to do. There can be questions about how your skills will translate to the private sector? What do you want to do?. All members want to be fulfilled; to have a sense of purpose after knowing their purpose throughout their military career. Many even think about opening their own business, but don't know how or are where to begin.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia area franchisor, PERMA-DRY´┐Ż aims to help with some of those questions and uncertainties.

"At PERMA-DRY´┐Ż, we sincerely appreciate the contributions and sacrifices members of the Canadian Armed Forces have made for the peace and security of our country and the world." says Danny Cole, Chief Executive Officer of PERMA-DRY´┐Ż. "We also understand that the transition from active military service to civilian life can be a little overwhelming. We know that many would like to open a business, but don't know how." Cole continues, "As a token of our gratitude, PERMA-DRY´┐Ż would like to help qualified retired and transitioning military members open a PERMA-DRY´┐Ż franchise." The program, called the Military Veterans Franchise Program, has been designed for qualified, honourably discharged retired and transitioning Canadian Armed Forces members to make it easier for them to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit by opening a franchise. The program is part of a larger initiative by the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and the Canadian Military. PERMA-DRY´┐Ż's package includes enough inventory to recoup the amount of the Initial Franchise Free, a $3,500 value, along with in-house financing of the Initial Franchise Fee.

"Canadian Armed Forces service men and women have gained tremendous skills throughout their career, such as: professionalism, an appreciation for process and procedure and the ability to follow them; attention to detail and self-discipline to see a task through. These skills are what makes a successful PERMA-DRY´┐Ż Strategic-Partner (franchisee) and is exactly what we're looking for in candidates." says Cole.

"We can never repay veterans for their contributions and sacrifices, but we can help make their post-military career rewarding and prosperous." Investing in a franchise can provide many of the same benefits of starting an independent business from scratch without all the same risks. Pride of ownership, flexibility and increased income are some of the benefits.

A good franchise system will have a solid brand with proven systems. Their whole process; the way they do business and interact in the world should be well documented and provided to you to implement (you should be trained in it and to implement it as well). This means you don't have to reinvent the wheel, you simply have to implement the franchisors systems. This will normally allow you to become cash flow positive much quicker and is less expensive than if you were to open an independent business; you get the benefit of the lessons learned from other's mistakes! Franchises also have a higher success rate than that of independent business. Part of that is above, but also due to the nature of the franchisor-franchisee relationship. In a franchise, you become interdependent rather than independent. This means that you rely on each other for the purpose of creating customers and brand building.

If you are considering investing in a franchise system, you must do your homework. Thoroughly investigate the franchisor, validate the system by talking with existing franchisees, have a franchise lawyer look over and explain the Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document. Develop a strong business plan with an accountant.

Like opening any business, opening a franchise has it's risks. The ultimate success of a franchise ultimately depends on you. How well you implement the system, how hard and smart you work, etc. A franchised business is no different than any other business in that they require a lot of attention and hard work. there are no free lunches.

To learn more about PERMA-DRY´┐Ż's Military Veterans Franchise Program, contact [email protected] or call 800-565-5325.

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