Creamistry adds Temecula to its growing list of franchise locations

Friday, September 18, 2015

When you walk into Temecula's Creamistry, prepare for a hearty welcome and to put your thinking cap on. In this "create your own ice cream" experience, visitors can create and try a different flavor each time they visit.

Inside, the counters are shiny white, tables are lined up against the wall and a bar for extra seating. And yes, there's usually a line. The crowd is largely driven by word of mouth thus far, about the large liquid nitrogen tanks, the blast of freezing cold into a bowlful of ingredients, the delicious flavors that follow. Creamistry is not just a family outing - it's science in action.

"Liquid nitrogen is added to the ingredients that our customers choose, freezing the base so fast that ice cream flash freezes in seconds for the freshest, creamiest ice cream possible," Temecula franchise owner Kent Pattel said.

What we discovered is a raucous, mesmerizing experience for the crowd. Kids press up against the large glass windows and wait for their ice cream concoction to take shape. No matter your taste, dietary needs, there is a Creamistry flavor for you. Select from the creamiest to sorbet, to vegan ice cream base ingredients. Then, add your toppings. All you have to do next is practice the art of patience as each ice cream takes between three to four minutes to create from scratch.

The staff know they are working for the crowd and put on a show with their banter. A large screen showcases Instagram pictures of the #Creamistry hashtag photos. Then, in a whoosh, a cloud of white fog rolls over the counter, and out of raw, natural ingredients that you choose comes quick-frozen ice cream.

Creamistry is the latest in new franchise businesses to take up residence in the city of Temecula. Pattel has worked every angle to see a smooth transition to his newest location.

Temecula's Creamistry offered free T-shirts for the first 200 people at their Ynez and Overland location, and free ice cream from 4 to 8 p.m. at their grand opening celebration on Saturday, Sept. 12. As expected, lines wrapped outside the building.

According to all who have tried the unique flavors available here, once you taste ice cream and toppings this fresh, you'll be hooked for good. Visitors compare flavors, toppings, and whether or not to add a homemade waffle bowl.

When you come, don't expect just a quick scoop. The process of selecting your base, your flavors, and toppings can take from four to five minutes if the shop is not busy, to 20-30 minutes if there is a crowd.

All ice cream is created for you with the ingredients you request, all in its own bowl. When the liquid nitrogen comes into play, it gets so cold it turns into ice cream before your eyes. Is it magic? Is it science? The Creamistry experience is a fun show for the whole family.

"Each Creamistry ice cream is made to order, custom made, just the way you want it," founder Jay Yim said. "The flavors range from ultra-creamy to even gluten free and vegan. It really is ice cream your way." At the bright, shining, white interior of Creamistry, one gets the feeling of walking into a science lab. Science - the art of using liquid nitrogen to quick cool the ingredients before your eyes, has started a buzz in the Temecula and Murrieta communities.

"It's a great presentation," Yim said. "The foggy cloud blows over the counter, the shop is clean and bright, and the taste is out of this world." So much of cooking is chemistry, and creating the right tastes at Creamistry is up to the clients. The top flavors to try include Cookie Butter and Cookies and Cream.

"We were the first company to serve Cookie Butter ice cream," Yim said. "And the Birthday Cake, and Cookies and Cream flavors are both amazing. We add the Oreos at the end, and they stay crispier than you could ever imagine for cookies in ice cream thanks to the quick cooling process." The idea for Creamistry originated with a trip to Korea with his wife, Katie when they saw a Korean method for making instant ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Yim grew up in the bakery and ice cream business. When his wife decided to start a Creamistry ice cream catering business for weddings, the need for a physical location quickly presented itself.

"It was so popular. We were serving so many people, and decided to open the Irvine store. Within six months, we were already talking franchising the concept," Yim said.

Creamistry's Irvine location was filling over 1,000 orders a day at that time. Now, with eight stores open, 12 more set to open by the end of next month, by the end of 2016, Yim anticipates over 50 Creamistry shops will be running across the country from California to New York.

"I never anticipated this concept would grow this fast," he said. "My wife's passion was just to run a little ice cream shop, and now look at it." According to Yim, a franchise owner like Pattel is just what the concept of Creamistry is all about.

"Ken is a valuable member of our team with great leadership skills," Yim said. "From the moment I met him, I knew we couldn't ask for a better franchisee." Temecula's Creamistry location shows Pattel's hard work is paying off.

"This is one of the few stores that we've had no issues or challenges with," Yim said. "It will be exciting to see the community embrace the Creamistry concept." Temecula's Creamistry is located at 26490 Ynez Rd. #D, Temecula.

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