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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Screen Fix On The Go
Techies, nerds, Junkies or whatever name you want to call them! The fact is that everyone wants a part of this multi-billion dollar industry and everyone wants to take advantage of the over 35 million phones that break every year in the USA alone. Let's be realistic and see how this industry works. There are a couple of major players in this arena.

There are two options for you:
  1. You can go to work for one of those large companies and repair an average of 3 phones a day and earn a whopping $95-$110 dollars every day, while you compete with dozens of other technicians in your same area by the same company
  2. You can join the brick and mortar repair industry, spend approx. 100,000 (or more) and commit to a life of huge overheads, payroll, etc.
The one thing they all have in common, is anytime your phone got damaged, you needed to have it fixed NOW! Not later, not tomorrow, not tonight, but NOW! Is this what you were dreaming when you went to school to become an iTech professional? Is this what's going to pay the bills and give you the American dream?

Well, SCFXGO is proud to announce the 3rd option and the ONLY viable route to economic independence.

Screen Fix on the Go is a perfect opportunity to be in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself. We feel our franchise offering is one of the most innovative, low cost, and hottest franchise models to hit the franchise industry.
For under 10k you can now own YOUR PROTECTED area, build YOUR business, keep YOUR profits and develop YOUR trade on your turf.

Take charge of your own destination and create the financial freedom you deserve with a trusted brand, a Low Start-up marque, a Low-overhead business that will be your own and you won't have to mortgage away your life savings to get it going.

If you're interested to learn more and to get information how to join this great concept, either by owning a franchise or broker this franchise to your potential candidates, contact us at (800) 819-4403 and we will work with you to maximize your potential.

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