Ben's Soft Pretzels Franchisee is Married to the Franchise Life

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pretzels twisted a married couple from retirement back into franchising.

Lisa and Tom Noak have been business accomplices for practically the length of the 37 years they've been hitched.

Subsequent to putting in over 20 years as proprietors of a six-unit comfort store chain, the Noaks went into retirement for 10 years. A shot experience with a Ben's Soft Pretzels area prompted to a discussion with the franchisor and, in the end, a marketable strategy to open five Ben's stores.

Tom Noak offers the exhortation he's learned all through his profession with his better half, including choosing the correct accomplice and making a move to the establishment display.

1. Limit your hazard

Amid retirement, we were prepared to hop once again into something. We didn't generally have a smart thought what we needed to do, yet we would not like to get once more into the comfort store business, so that left different roads open. We never considered the pretzel business, and positively hadn't had a Ben's pretzel some time recently. It outperformed our desires and encounters - that was the principal thing to make us inquisitive.

We were searching for something that had a system or plan we could take after. We realized that, of the organizations that were not set up as establishments, a considerable measure would fall flat. Realizing what Ben's corporate stores had done, and how they were going about it, helped us plan whether it was worth us going into.

The entire thought of owning a business set us up for being more arranged in what's in store at Ben's. There are many people who have no clue what they're getting into when they get into a proprietorship circumstance. At last, on the off chance that you take a gander at an establishment business versus the quantity of individuals who begin a business and fall flat, I believe you're a ton happier staying with an establishment that has a demonstrated framework and a demonstrated record. What it's truly come down to is: What is your resistance for hazard? Regardless of what you do, in case will be ready to go for yourself, the buck stops with you, and there's no backboard. There's no one back there who will prevent you from falling, so you have to settle on the best choice. Some portion of that is taking a gander at the framework and checking whether that is something that you can profit by.

We have been proprietors as far back as we were in our 20s, and the main thing that I needed to do was act naturally utilized. Every one of those times of experience taking care of the considerable number of things you need to deal with in the accommodation store business corresponded with our present work. We are offering an alternate item, however everything else is fundamentally the same.

2. Pick the correct accomplice

Lisa and I have a framework. We got in our first business a year after we were hitched, and it made us so much more grounded. It's such a great amount of simpler to have some person who is on an indistinguishable plane from you, who is moving in the direction of a similar objective, who has similar interests as a main priority, and who has an alternate arrangement of instruments than what you have. That is the reason that Lisa and I fit so well together and get to know each other. She can be more into the points of interest and the printed material, and I'm all the more an administration individual who runs with the comprehensive view, the treatment of representatives and lawyers, and all that business stuff.

When I converse with other individuals about us presumably burning through 20 hours a day together throughout the previous 37 years, many don't comprehend that. They say, "Gracious, we would've slaughtered each other by then." But for us, it works out well on account of the distinctive abilities that she has and the diverse gifts that I have. Also, I generally tell the young fellows I realize that it's a great deal less demanding to wed some person more brilliant than you.

3. Make a domain for achievement

I'm extremely butt-centric with regards to request and things being in their opportune place and things being spotless. At Ben's, I took a gander at the operation and did not see the two things that made me never need to claim a sustenance business: a flame broil and a fryer. I had past involvement with this since we had broiled chicken in our accommodation stores, and that was only a frightful thing to have; it made such a variety of various types of issues. It's the oil; it's the ceaseless cleaning; it's your main event when you toss out the oil; and it's the scent. I concluded that I didn't need any of that by any means. When I took a gander at Ben's, I saw the effortlessness of maintaining the business and creating the item. We fundamentally have a blender and a stove, and you have the gear to serve that item. To the extent the guidelines that we need to cling to, we have such a basic procedure; we're essentially serving bread.

With representatives, it's a two-way road. There's a component of trust included. You need to trust individuals to put out an item that will be an awesome affair each time the client comes in. You additionally need to ensure that they comprehend that the client is the individual who is paying the bill, and without them, we don't exist. From that point of view, I need to attempt to impart the thought in them that we have their back. There are things that surface that perhaps they may require some assistance in. For example, we had a worker who required an auto, and one of these dealerships would charge a 27 percent loan cost, so she'd be paying $300 until the end of time. I could converse with one of the general population I know in the auto business. He wound up finding an auto that was essentially less, and I could get it, and the representative paid me $100 a month for a year, and afterward she had a truly great car.

There are times when we can bounce in and we can get things done for individuals and help them out - even above what they're doing in the store.

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