PEAK Elevator Franchising with President & CEO Randy McGinnis

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Few things compare to the pride you feel when starting your own business. No one understands this feeling better than PEAK Elevator™ President and CEO and long-time elevator technician Randy McGinnis. A deep desire to extend this pride to like-minded professionals inspired him and his brother Jim McGinnis, vice president of operations, to establish PEAK Elevator™ in 2007. We sat down with Randy McGinnis to discuss the vision behind the PEAK Elevator™ franchise concept, the team ibehnd it all, and how franchisees can leverage both for optimal business growth.
PEAK Elevator Franchising affords elevator professionals the chance to own their own company. Many of them may feel bound by their current employment situation in that they don't feel they have the latitude to make decisions in the best interest of their families or their customers. This franchise program is designed to help them realize those dreams just like Jim and I had the opportunity to realize ours.

Those who invest in PEAK Elevator™'s franchise opportunity are alndready skilled individuals in their own right. PEAK Elevator™ franchisees have seen their fair share of victories and obstacles in the field or office a they're ready for something more. They know the satisfaction of a job well done, and they take it to heart when they feel they haven't given their all to customers, whether that's due to time constraints, an overloaded service route or a similar challenge. Elevator professionals invest in our franchise opportunity because they want to apply the industry knowledge they already have while embracing a new venture like business ownership "" all while having the support and backing of an established elevator service brand. Collectively, our team has more than 80 years of industry experience.

Jim and I grew up learning about vertical transportation from our father, who is a retired technician. I've worked for companies such as Dover Elevator and KONE in various management roles, while Jim has mastered elevator service, troubleshooting and customer relations. Between the two of us, franchisees have access to a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of elevator business management. We've developed plenty of resources and support to help owner-operators master operations, marketing and advertising, sales, specialized technology and more. Everything about PEAK Elevator™'s franchise program is designed for us to share the knowledge we've gained throughout our respective elevator careers to help passionate men and women build sustainable, efficient elevator businesses.

PEAK Elevator™'s franchise opportunity helps great elevator professionals take their careers to a new level. Our unprecedented opportunity surpasses typical elevator careers in that it equips owner-operators with state-of-the-art technology through strategic partnerships with key suppliers. It gives them the space and resources to tune into customers' needs. More importantly, it gives franchise owners a chance to take their future into their own hands and build something that will last for a lifetime. Franchisees learn what it's like to launch and grow a sustainable business using established systems, processes, and controls. When you choose to start your own business with PEAK Elevator™, you have the comfort of knowing that we've tried, tested, and proven our concepts and business models.

Our ultimate goal as a franchisor is to mentor franchisees as they progress so that they can spend less time turning wrenches in the field and more time building their business. It won't happen overnight, but as their business grows, franchisees will hire managers and supervisors. When that day comes, he or she can work "on" the business instead of having to work "in" the business. We want to train and develop hardworking elevator professionals and convert them into business owners who can secure their families' futures without having to work 12 hours per day. We hope that by investing in our elevator franchise system, people can come to know that kind of independence. Are you ready to start your own business? PEAK Elevator™'s franchise opportunity allows professional freedom while offering exceptional customer service. It's not too late to seek answers to your questions about elevator business ownership.

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