Business America

About Business America

BUSINESS AMERICA is a Professional Business Service Center that specializes in selling profitable Businesses and Franchises -- Confidentially. The Company has been operating in Pittsburgh since 1984 and enjoys a highly successful market penetration of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania market. There are three operating divisions with specialists handling each division.

We are needed by the Business Selling public because Business Sellers want their Business handled professionally and sold confidentially. They want only financially qualified buyers being shown by the Business. As a critical service to sellers, we prepare the Business for sale by doing a Business Appraisal and packaging the presentation by laser printing the appraisal and combining it with a general fact sheet.

We are a clearinghouse for over 65 start-up Franchise Business Opportunities, we make sure that anyone we represent is established and reputable. Not to be satisfied with that, we will work with prospective purchasers to thoroughly check out any opportunity that they may have an interest in. We do not “sell” these opportunities, but simply introduce them to interested parties and “refer” the party to the opportunity. We encourage a visit to the company headquarters prior to making the final decision.

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