MosquitoNix vs The Mosquito Authority Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of MosquitoNix vs The Mosquito Authority including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

MosquitoNix Franchise
The Mosquito Authority Franchise
Investment $25,000 - $100,000$55,350 - $91,700
Franchise Fee $2,500 - $25,000$30,000 - $50,000
Royalty Fee 6%Fixed Monthly Fee
Advertising Fee 1%5%
Year Founded 20032006
Year Franchised 20042009
Term Of Agreement 10 years5 Years
Term Of Agreement 10 years5 Years
Renewal Fee -$1000 after 5 years

Business Experience Requirements

MosquitoNix Franchise
The Mosquito Authority Franchise
  • General business experience
  • Marketing skills
  • Ambitious with entrepreneurial spirit

    Financing Options

    MosquitoNix Franchise
    The Mosquito Authority Franchise
      In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
    Franchise Fees Yes/NoYes/-
    Start-up Costs No/No-/-
    Equipment No/No-/-
    Inventory No/No-/-
    Receivables No/No-/-
    Payroll No/No-/-

    Training & Support

    MosquitoNix Franchise
    The Mosquito Authority Franchise
    Training -Complete support and training
    Support Newsletter, Meetings, Toll-free phone line, Grand opening, Internet, Field operations/evaluations, Purchasing cooperatives, Call Center

    We will be there to assist you with every facet of your center opening including locating your center, design of your space, pre-opening marketing plan, purchasing and inventory set up, training, office systems, installations, schedules and sales calls.

    Complete support and training
    Marketing Co-op advertising, Ad slicks, Regional advertising-
    Operations 0% of all franchisees own more than one unit

    Number of employees needed to run franchised unit: 10

    Absentee ownership of franchise is NOT allowed. (100% of current franchisees are owner/operators)


    Expansion Plans

    MosquitoNix Franchise
    The Mosquito Authority Franchise
    US Expansion Yes-
    Canada Expansion No-
    International Expansion Yes-

    Company Overviews

    About MosquitoNix

    MosquitoNix franchises are great businesses. We have spent several years perfecting and proving our business model in several markets around the country. Profitability may be a key factor in our franchise partner's success, but customer service and relationships are what drives us.MosquitoNix 01 We have an incredible 97% customer retention rate. With over 20,000 systems installed we are very proud that our customers choose to renew their mosquito control programs year-after-year. We've been able to achieve this by providing first-class training and follow-up support to our franchise operators and the staff on the front lines. Recently, we've opened up new franchise opportunities in a variety of markets. Our focus is on business owners who already have a successful outdoor services company. We have found that by adding a MosquitoNix franchise alongside the existing business, you can increase your sales and profits without adding any NEW customers. And if you add new customers, the potential skyrockets.

    About The Mosquito Authority

    We Are The Mosquito Authority
    Families want to enjoy their outdoor living space in comfort. Restaurant owners want to provide a pleasant al fresco dining experience. Special event venues want to guarantee the perfect party. Everyone who spends any time outdoors wants to be free from the aggravation and danger of mosquitoes!
    With a Mosquito Authority franchise, you provide the solution with an affordable, convenient service backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are looking for a proven, affordable and trail-blazing concept in a new industry that's about to explode with growth, you're on the right page! We're confident that as you read more about The Mosquito Authority you'll agree that this is one of those "Once in a Lifetime" opportunities that you can't afford to pass up. Today more than ever, families want to enjoy their outdoor living areas in comfort and safety - Free From Mosquitoes! Until now, they have completely avoided their yards, or as a last resort, coated everyone with bug spay. Worse yet, others have invested in one of those mosquito zappers that attract more bugs than they kill. With The Mosquito Authority franchise, you offer the solution, providing fast, convenient and affordable Mosquito Free yards for your customers. Your mosquito elimination service is so effective that you will actually provide a No Mosquito Guarantee for your customers.