LMI vs AdviCoach Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of LMI vs AdviCoach including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

LMI Franchise
AdviCoach Franchise
Investment $20,000 - $27,500$66,240 - $79,490
Franchise Fee $15,000$45,000
Royalty Fee 6%5-15%
Advertising Fee -$400/mo
Year Founded 19802002
Year Franchised 19982006
Term Of Agreement --
Term Of Agreement --
Renewal Fee --

Business Experience Requirements

LMI Franchise
AdviCoach Franchise
Experience --

Financing Options

LMI Franchise
AdviCoach Franchise
  In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
Franchise Fees -/-No/No
Start-up Costs -/-No/No
Equipment -/-No/No
Inventory -/-No/No
Receivables -/-No/No
Payroll -/-No/No

Training & Support

LMI Franchise
AdviCoach Franchise
Training --
Support --
Marketing --
Operations --

Expansion Plans

LMI Franchise
AdviCoach Franchise
US Expansion --
Canada Expansion No-
International Expansion No-

Company Overviews

About LMI

LMI Canada is a leading personal, organizational and management development company with affiliate organizations around the world. We provide a PROVEN process that MEASURABLY increases performance and results in organizations. This typically guarantees a 10 times return on investment to clients in results measured through implementation of our processes that encompass leadership, management, productivity, communication, sales & assessments that deliver permanent attitude and behaviour changes.

Becoming an LMI franchisee offers a number of benefits: Low start-up costs, a proven people development system, time-tested products, no territorial boundaries and a support structure that is second to none. There are no royalties or franchise fees after the licensee fee is paid. Licensees must order product from the Canadian Head office, which takes on the currency, shipping, inventory, and customs risks so that the licensee can just focus on selling and servicing his/her clients.

#189 in Franchise 500 for 2020.

About AdviCoach

The AdviCoach franchise is a national network of business-to-business coaches who work within their communities to advise business owners and deliver world-class solutions. Our national network of business coaches have access to the world's best proprietary system for increasing the cash-flow and equity value of small to mid-sized businesses. Beyond in-depth B2B coaching, our AdviCoaches also provide personal development and educational services that help their clients grow to better understand subjects critical to their future success.
Our coaches have many years of solid business management experience and skills. We have our proven strategies and a variety of tools at our disposal, but the lynchpin in all of this is you. We customize our tools and approach to meet your specific needs and support your journey to success. Our coaches specialize in helping you to fulfill your professional and personal goals. We understand these goals are often entwined.

Our franchisees receive intensive initial and ongoing training to consult, mentor, facilitate, and train people in all businesses to achieve the success they desire - whether it involves starting up, increasing profitability, improving employee performances or implementing systems, managing, expanding, or exiting the business. Our AdviCoaches operate their business consulting practice with the support of Business Advisers International . Anyone with general business experience who will enjoy helping those in business achieve their goals will make a successful Business Adviser franchisee.

Are you ready to become an AdviCoach franchisee and make a difference, while building your wealth, equity and security for you and your family? Do you seek a lifestyle and an income with the personal satisfaction that comes from helping others? If you're ready to seriously consider a proven franchise with a world-class training system, your own personal advisor who is also a franchisee, and immediate access to a network of experienced business advisors, we're ready for you to learn the AdviCoach advantage!


Veteran Incentives
15% off franchise fee