Pita Pit vs Tacos 4 Life Grill Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of Pita Pit vs Tacos 4 Life Grill including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

Pita Pit Franchise
Tacos 4 Life Grill Franchise
Investment $321,934 - $497,382$585,000 - $825,000
Franchise Fee $30,000$35,000
Royalty Fee 5%5%
Advertising Fee 1%1%
Year Founded 19952014
Year Franchised 19972014
Term Of Agreement 10 years-
Term Of Agreement 10 years-
Renewal Fee $10000-

Business Experience Requirements

Pita Pit Franchise
Tacos 4 Life Grill Franchise
Experience - Tacos 4 Life is looking for like-minded people who are ready to join our growing family of franchisees. We look for owner/operators or investors with solid operators in mind who possess the following: A strong belief in the mission and menu of Tacos 4 Life Ability to lead, yet follow a system Financial capability Business management Passion for delivering great services to our guests

Financing Options

Pita Pit Franchise
Tacos 4 Life Grill Franchise
  In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
Franchise Fees No/Yes-/-
Start-up Costs No/Yes-/-
Equipment No/Yes-/-
Inventory No/Yes-/-
Receivables No/Yes-/-
Payroll No/Yes-/-

Training & Support

Pita Pit Franchise
Tacos 4 Life Grill Franchise
Training On-The-Job Training: 60 hours Classroom Training: 35 hours -
Support Purchasing Co-ops Newsletter Meetings/Conventions Toll-Free Line Grand Opening Online Support Security/Safety Procedures Field Operations Site Selection Proprietary Software Franchisee Intranet Platform -
Marketing --
Operations Absentee Ownership Allowed

Number of Employees Required to Run: 15 - 20


Expansion Plans

Pita Pit Franchise
Tacos 4 Life Grill Franchise
US Expansion YesYes
Canada Expansion No-
International Expansion Yes-

Company Overviews

About Pita Pit

Right idea. Right time. People want to change the way they eat. They want fresh thinking and healthy eating, and they want it now! The Pita Pit is the FUTURE in quick casual food service. We are far beyond burgers, subs and pizza. Our food is fun and fresh and reflects the new healthy and active lifestyles of our customers. Add in our high-energy staff and amazing customer service, and we are poised for explosive growth. It's an exciting time to be a Pita Pit franchisee. So why not become part of a concept that people of all ages enjoy. Jump on the Pita bandwagon!
  Why Us? - Pita Pit is the future of quick, casual foodservice. We call it Fresh Thinking - Healthy Eating. People are changing the way they eat - they want something unique and healthy - and Pita Pit delivers in an innovative way. Pita Pit has created an entire culture and a proven franchising system - one that has undergone fifteen years of fine tuning - to meet this growing demand. The unique combination of fresh, healthy food, mainstream music, and a lot of fun - along with young, high-energy staff members and customers, creates the very unique Pita Pit vibe. Today, there are more than 220 Pita Pit locations in the United States, and over 450 Pita Pit locations worldwide - the company is poised for explosive growth and we want you to join us! Our franchisees not only benefit from our proven business model and support, but also from knowing that they are invested in a business that is a source of pride, as well as a profit. It's a very exciting time to be a Pita Pit franchisee.
Veteran Incentives  20% off franchise fee
#42 in Canada's Top franchises.

About Tacos 4 Life Grill

The first Tacos 4 Life Grill opened in Conway, Arkansas, on June 9th, 2014, but this is not where the story begins.
 Long before Tacos 4 Life opened its doors, Austin and Ashton Samuelson had a heart for the hungry. In 2009, they learned that over 18,000 children were dying worldwide each day due to starvation and hunger related causes. What surprised them is that the problem was completely preventable.

 Starvation is nothing more than a distribution problem. This simple fact moved them so much that they knew they could, and should, do something to help solve this problem. Thus, Tacos 4 Life was born. The Samuelson’s believe that God is up to something big and can use Tacos 4 Life, which exists to serve amazing food and to empower communities to fight to end world hunger, to help solve the world’s most solvable problem.
Tacos 4 Life Grill is a highly-differentiated restaurant that offers chef-inspired, award winning menu items served in a unique environment.
Our philosophy is based on delivering an unforgettable experience . . . great food, genuine service, and a mission focus that changes the world with every meal.