D'Vine Wine vs We Olive & Wine Bar Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of D'Vine Wine vs We Olive & Wine Bar including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

D'Vine Wine Franchise
We Olive & Wine Bar Franchise
Investment $107,500 - $174,000$285,000 - $421,500
Franchise Fee N/A$30,000
Royalty Fee -6%
Advertising Fee --
Year Founded 2003-
Year Franchised 2006-
Term Of Agreement --
Term Of Agreement --
Renewal Fee --

Business Experience Requirements

D'Vine Wine Franchise
We Olive & Wine Bar Franchise
Experience --

Financing Options

D'Vine Wine Franchise
We Olive & Wine Bar Franchise
  In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
Franchise Fees -/--/-
Start-up Costs -/--/-
Equipment -/--/-
Inventory -/--/-
Receivables -/--/-
Payroll -/--/-

Training & Support

D'Vine Wine Franchise
We Olive & Wine Bar Franchise
Training -

Franchisees learn how to manage all aspects of the store, including processes for store opening and ongoing sales growth.

We Olive provides a comprehensive training program for two people in beautiful Paso Robles, California without charge. This in-store and classroom program covers the facets of the day-to-day operation of your We Olive store. In addition, the We Olive orientation will explain in detail how you can leverage the corporate support in areas such as marketing, customer service, hiring, sampling, product knowledge, IT and ordering procedures. After the initial training, We Olive provides scheduled trainings for two more people without charge.

Support -

Franchisees receive a solid structure needed to build a successful, sustainable business.

From hiring and customer service training to store layout, merchandizing and inventory control, the We Olive operational team provides support for ongoing success. *Guidance on operating processes *Assistance with purchasing of approved equipment, inventory, signs, supplies *Development of local advertising and promotions; *Administration, accounting and inventory control; *Employee and management training programs as needed. Additionally, We Olive is in the process of establishing an Advisory Council of Franchisees to continually advise on system best practices, marketing and service enhancements.

Marketing -

With an established identity, advertising, public relations and interactive expertise, the We Olive marketing team has generated awareness and traffic for each franchisee and cultivated a loyal base of repeat customers.

Operations --

Expansion Plans

D'Vine Wine Franchise
We Olive & Wine Bar Franchise
US Expansion Yes-
Canada Expansion Yes-
International Expansion Yes-

Company Overviews

About D'Vine Wine

Wine has been an important part of history from its earliest development. It has a special place in our customs, diet and social gathering, both in ancient and modern history.

Today, wine is more popular than ever. The wine industry has undergone a massive boom in recent years, with even more exciting times ahead. There has simply been no better time to be a part of one of the oldest and most sophisticated industries in the world, the wine trade. D’Vine Wine has long recognized the financial opportunities of wine and is offering an exciting opportunity to savvy entrepreneurs, D’Vine Wine franchises!

D’Vine Wine is committed to creating franchise systems that have profitable operations through offering extensive support, innovative services and quality products.

Our franchisees operate boutique mini-wineries where customers may make and/or custom label wine. They also sell their own bottled wines, offer wine tastings and wine by the glass, and carry decorative and gift items along with the specialized products and services.

About We Olive & Wine Bar

A Fun, Healthy, and Delicious Franchise Experience Developing and managing your own We Olive store involves much more than selling high quality olive oil products and exceptional wines. It is about engaging people through an authentic culinary experience in which they want to actively participate. Store ownership celebrates the healthy culinary traditions that have been associated with olive oil and wine for thousands of years. The We Olive brand, through its comprehensive franchising system, supports the personal and financial growth of franchisees who love food and wine, enjoy educating and entertaining customers and want to sustain a healthy, exhilarating business. The We Olive brand is recognized by the media, olive growers, the travel industry, and the culinary community for delivering an authentic, multi-sensory experience. Franchisees will benefit from: Brand recognition - We Olive is recognized as a leading source for California Extra Virgin Olive Oil and gourmet products that enhance the culinary experience of olive oil. The We Olive brand stands for fun, healthy, delicious artisan products enjoyed in a stylish, interactive tasting room atmosphere. Innovation - We Olive continues to create new and exciting ways to share the "Olive Oil Experience". We broaden our market of loyal consumers and increase revenue streams with new wine bar tasting rooms, prepared foods, events and gift collections enjoyed by our retail and businesses customers. Vendors - We source and contract with only the finest quality suppliers, including California Extra Virgin Olive Oil growers certified by the California Olive Oil Council. Since all hand crafted food products are available for tasting at We Olive stores, we source and deliver only the finest, highest quality gourmet foods, wines and gifts at the right prices. Do you want to share your passion for delicious, healthy gourmet foods with the support of a proven franchise team behind you? Contact us at http://www.weolive.com/franchise/request_information.html