Murphy Business Ottawa

About Murphy Business Ottawa

Murphy Business & Financial Corporation provides the new or experienced business broker with the support required to build a successful business brokerage firm.

Business Brokerage is an exciting and evolving discipline. Murphy Business is the largest and most successful firm in the Southeast. Last year we sold more businesses than any other brokerage firm in the country. Our rapid growth and success represents our significant commitment to our franchised partners. We are dedicated to the long term success of each of our franchisees and continually reinvest time, talent, and capital to assure our continuing dominance of the industry. We are extremely selective of our franchise partners. We have stringent requirements for our franchisees because our success as well as our franchisees is based on making absolutely certain a proper fit is met. If you feel you would like to join our Team as a Franchisee please click here and we will send you more information.

Murphy Business Ottawa helps people buy or sell their business. Servicing Ottawa's business owners with over 90 years of combined business and transactional experience. Our Products and Services: - Sale of a Business - Franchise Sales - Mergers and Acquisitions - Exit Strategies for Owners - Employee Purchases - Buyer Qualification - Business Valuations - Business Sale Strategy & Preparation - Business Structuring

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