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About Office 1 Superstores

OFFICE 1 Superstores International Inc. is a franchise retail chain which sells office products and supplies including office furniture and electronics through superstores, e-commerce, direct mail and telemarketing. The company started out in 1989 under the brand name Carlin in Madrid, Spain. 5 years later in 1994, OFFICE 1 was founded by Mark Baccash with the objective of expanding the concept internationally through master franchises under the OFFICE 1 brand name. To date OFFICE 1 operates in twenty-seven countries with over 400 stores. They feature more than 2500 products including famous international brands and OFFICE 1 branded products. In some of the countries where OFFICE 1 operates only in E-Commerce through logistics suppliers more than 20,000 items are available. In 2010 OFFICE 1 developed a feature-rich E-commerce platform backed by a unique web franchising concept to meet the needs of the modern office products buyer. The pilot project was launched in France in late 2010, followed by Slovenia, Peru, Germany, Indonesia and Philippines in 2011 and in early 2012 it is expected in Czech Republic, Greece and Ireland. You start by launching a 250m2 retail outlet backed by a small warehouse for stocking products and delivering orders to your customers. If you are an existing wholesaler or dealer of office products, OFFICE 1 provides the necessary know-how to convert your existing warehouse into an appealing self-service superstore. Once that first stage is reached, OFFICE 1 assists you in building a national franchise network of stationery stores. All retail activities are supported by a modern website, first class promotional material and OFFICE 1's telemarketing and sales system especially developed to reach businesses. You will be thoroughly trained in every aspect of the business and will benefit from OFFICE 1's vast global network, its China sourcing office for OFFICE 1 branded products, its contacts with multinational vendors, its proprietary web platform and its centralized web marketing support program.