The Senior's Choice vs Family SmartCare Senior Solutions Franchise Comparison

Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of The Senior's Choice vs Family SmartCare Senior Solutions including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options.

Start-Up Costs and Fees

The Senior's Choice Franchise
Family SmartCare Senior Solutions Franchise
Investment $45,000 - $65,000$131,575 - $144,675
Franchise Fee $29,000$42,500 - $85,000
Royalty Fee Membership: $500/month (with 30-day written notice to discontinue membership. No ongoing royalties)-
Advertising Fee --
Year Founded 19992020
Year Franchised 20072020
Term Of Agreement 5 years-
Term Of Agreement 5 years-
Renewal Fee --

Business Experience Requirements

The Senior's Choice Franchise
Family SmartCare Senior Solutions Franchise
Experience Minimum Net Worth: $100,000
Average Number Of Employees: 2 full time staff, 40 caregivers
Passive Ownership: No

Financing Options

The Senior's Choice Franchise
Family SmartCare Senior Solutions Franchise
  In-House/3rd PartyIn-House/3rd Party
Franchise Fees No/Yes-/-
Start-up Costs No/No-/-
Equipment No/No-/-
Inventory No/No-/-
Receivables No/No-/-
Payroll No/No-/-

Training & Support

The Senior's Choice Franchise
Family SmartCare Senior Solutions Franchise
Training The Senior's Choice provides extensive training and support to its members They receive 4 days of initial training where they learn all aspects of the business and the tools and resources that are available to them. After training, they enroll in a 90-day coaching program with our dedicated Trainer and Coach. In addition, support is available by phone and email during normal business hours. The Senior's Choice also hosts regularly scheduled regional "next-level" educational and networking events, as well as an annual conference.-
Support --
Marketing --
Operations 4 Primary Advantages:

1. We charge No Royalty Fees, just a flat monthly fee of $500 - This results in huge savings and much greater take-home earnings compared with their industry franchise competitors.

2. Franchises sign No Long-Term Contracts - Their membership with us is month to month and they can cancel at any time with 30 days notice. This requires management to provide exceptional value to its owners every day, or risk losing residual revenue due to canceled memberships. That said; our retention rate is impressively high.

3. Franchisees establish their Individual Brand Identity - Senior care is one industry where franchise brand recognition is less than 1%. Therefore, our owners have the advantage of developing their own unique brand identity and representing themselves as a locally owned/operated business - which clients prefer.

4. Franchisees are free to customize their business according to their wishes/needs - While we provide our Members/owners with complete operating systems, business framework and best-practices; they are free to customize their business according to their needs and desires. This enables them to adapt their business and services according to the unique demands of their local market and to take advantage of any revenue opportunities that they feel are beneficial to them.


Expansion Plans

The Senior's Choice Franchise
Family SmartCare Senior Solutions Franchise
US Expansion YesYes
Canada Expansion --
International Expansion --

Company Overviews

About The Senior's Choice

Here are three important reasons how The Senior's Choice is different: 1) Royalty Free - You pay no royalties on your hard earned income. Instead you pay a reasonable monthly fee after you have set up your business and attended our training. With a franchise you will pay tens of thousands of dollars in royalties each year which is a big chunk of your net income. Don't let them fool you; there is absolutely no justification for charging you those exorbitant fees. 2) No Long Term Contracts - While we are contractually committed to offer our services to you for the long-term, you may terminate your membership interest at any time. No gimmicks, no restrictions and no post-termination non-compete provisions. With our Membership Model we have to prove our value to you each and every month to keep your business. We offer services and benefits to you every month to keep your business or we don't get paid and that's they way it should be. Contrast that with a 10 year franchise agreement that locks you into paying a percentage of your gross revenues (not net profit) whether you're getting the service you bargained for or not. Don't be bashful, call franchisees and ask them would they do it all over again and then pose the same question to our Members. You'll be grateful you did! 3) It's Your Business, Not Ours, It's as simple as that. Every decision about your business is yours to make and yours alone. We just provide support and guidance to you, as much or as little as you want. With a franchise you are essentially leasing their brand and business for 10 years. You're simply a custodian for them where you do all the work, take all the risk and yet you don't get all the rewards. With us, you keep all of your hard-earned income and pay us a reasonable monthly fee for which you receive an equal or greater value for each and every month.
Home care agencies associated with The Senior's Choice are among the top performers in their respective markets when it comes to overall client satisfaction. It goes to show that when you provide caring and talented professionals with our outstanding training, exclusive programs and the best operating systems and support in the industry, good things are bound to happen.

About Family SmartCare Senior Solutions


As a franchisee, you will operate a business providing the public with non-medical in-home personal care, supplemental staffing services and assisted living/residential care placement services using a distinctive system under the name and mark “Family SmartCare Senior Solutions.”