Merchants Barter Exchange

About Merchants Barter Exchange

According to the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), commercial barter is growing at an estimated rate of 8 percent a year, faster than the growth of the American GNP.

As the fastest-growing and most respected national trade exchange in America, the Merchants Barter Exchange may be considered a particularly desirable growth opportunity for a savvy entrepreneur.

In addition to the financial rewards of becoming a Merchants Barter Exchange partner, you may also experience a number of other significant benefits, including the opportunity to:

Make your market - you control which companies enter your local marketplace, expelling any who refuse to support the value of trade with inflated prices or under-the-table cash deals.
Support your community - bring barter to your area and introduce a valuable new form of alternative financing to bolster local businesses.
Enable competitive advantages - help the companies in your area gain a new "secret weapon" against competitors who don't barter.
Enhance understanding of various industries - having your own exchange gives you a unique insight into a variety of vertical categories.
Recession-proof your local economy - barter thrives when an economy sputters.
Check inflation - by spreading overhead, lowering costs, and reducing borrowing, barter helps lower interest rates by taking the pressure off money markets.
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