Team America Adjusters

About Team America Adjusters

Team America Adjusters occupies a valuable niche in the auto, residential and commercial industry. As the emerging leader adjusting and appraisal industry, TAA offers an unparalleled opportunity to own a business in an industry on the rise. TAA team of franchisees will be able to roll on national catastrophes including wildfires, mold, hurricanes, floods, wind, ice, explosions, hail, and earthquakes.

A TAA Franchise Offers:
* The Brand People Trust

* The Exclusive Territories for Optimal Growth and Success

* Unparalleled Training and Support

* The Latest Technological Advancements

* One of the Safest Franchise Investments Available Today- With Established Systems and Ever Accelerating Demand for, There are No Limits to Your Success

* TAA franchisee performances show that adjusting is a business that has the potential to provide a six-figure income. TAA is a perfect fit for what you say you want a low risk, high return, great lifestyle and a comprehensive exit strategy.

The TAA Opportunity - Providing professional adjusting and appraisal service with a focus on "Customers Service," Team America Adjusters franchisees are part of a company that is acutely focused on success and growth.

The TAA Operation - Custom choice market franchises offer the best opportunity in the industry. Exclusive territories start at 250,000 population base. TAA can tailor your market size to best suit your needs. We provide unparalleled operations support, business development, sophisticated grass-roots and national marketing, and TAA "Back End" Software Solutions-the latest technology in the industry.

The TAA Franchisee - Team America Adjusters franchisees work on the business, not necessarily in the business. They are the CEO; their management skills are applied at the top. Our franchisees come from all different backgrounds from lawyers and dentists to hospital administrators and teachers, and just about everything in between.

A TAA franchise enables owners to build equity in a business that can operate without their day-to-day involvement so they can enjoy more personal free time, drive a sizeable income from one office, leverage an abundant labor force, and enjoy a cash business with no inventory and no receivables.

Simplicity of Startup - TAA's start-up strategy focuses all of our systems toward helping you build your customer base and build equity in your new franchise.

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