Skyline Eco-Adventures

About Skyline Eco-Adventures

The zipline business is growing world wide. While the concept of ziplines is not new, to establish a commercial business by integrating a zipline into an existing adventure activity area, is relatively new. The most common approach is to integrate a zipline into either a skiing related operation, such as Whistler, BC, or forest canopy walks, such as in Costa Rica.

The most common market characteristics that determine the location for commercial ziplines are:

* Access to reliable tourism trade, preferably all year around
* Access to other activities to attract and integrate offerings
* Accessible mountainous environment
* Exciting or beautiful scenery
* Leverage existing physical structures (ie. ski jump tower, stadiums)

Skyline Eco-Adventures is the United States' leading zipline adventure company, with multiple award-winning tour locations, a progressive line of zipline specific equipment, a highly experienced zipline development and construction team, and a fully developed zipline franchise program. Committed to leading the zipline industry, Skyline Eco-Adventures makes significant investments into new technologies, continually refines processes, and strives to partner with premier resorts and qualified franchisees across the country for the continuing development of the United States' definitive zipline adventure brand.

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