Clancy's Meat Company Cost Comparisons

About Clancy's Meat Company

Clancy's Meat Co. is the largest franchise chain of retail fresh & frozen meat stores in Canada. We are also one of the fastest growing concepts in the franchise industry. With increasing investment toward infrastructure, brand and business processes, Clancy's has the necessary economies of scale to achieve superior pricing with suppliers, service providers and landlords. These cost-savings are passed onto our franchise partners on a regular basis as we work to increase the profitability of all locations.Clancy's places emphasis on the unique interior design and decor of our retail stores and works to deliver a warm and friendly environment for consumers to select unique meal choices for their family. Clancy's believes the experience that customers have in our stores contributes to their overall satisfaction and ultimately translates to return visits. Therefore we continually update and augment our stores to reflect a modern and inviting space. As consumers become more health conscious and appreciative of the impact to long term well being from diet, Clancy's works to develop products that deliver reduced sodium, gluten-free, and organic classifications among many other initiatives. Without compromising taste or satisfaction, Clancy's Meat Co. has developed a menu to address emerging trends in the consumer palette. Clancy's prides itself on using only the best and freshest ingredients across our menu, including local BC produce, selected organic meat products and certified angus beef.Clancy's provide franchisees with a foundation of support in addition to a superior product. We offer our franchisees a sound model of operation with on-going support. Our extensive retail operations experience has laid the groundwork for building a successful system that caters to both the entrepreneur as well as the customer.Clancy's has an easy to operate and unique franchise system that is well received by customers in both rural and urban settings. Clancy's Meat Co. is poised for explosive growth in both Canada and the United States and is now accepting applications for franchise locations in your area!