About Freggies

We built an on-line application and invited some friends to begin using it. Since then, we have grown Freggies into a well known name and source for fresh, raw, organic produce in the Greater Seattle area. We invite you to learn more about bringing Freggies to your community through the Freggies Franchise business.

Become a Freggies Franchise Owner! It is great fun, helps you build relationships within your community and enables you to lead and create income while enjoying the benefits of being at home with your family!

The responsibility of the Franchise Partner includes:

*Building a group of customers who regularly order from Freggies *Work with our logistics team to get the produce delivered. Note: New regions may require more involvement with logistics from the Franchise Partner
*Answering questions about Freggies *Share recipes or other healthful resources

We take care of all the logistics including web site maintenance, ordering, compiling orders and vendor coordination. Our logistics locations receive or pick-up the produce in bulk, sort the produce based on the pull sheets that are printed off the Freggies system, label the box and delivery based on the customer delivery instructions.

For more information please contact [email protected]

Sorry there are no comparisons for this franchise at this time.