Pono Home Cost Comparisons

About Pono Home

Pono Home is a green home consulting business that recently won the highly competitive green business plan competition put on by the Energy Excelerator, a Hawaii-based incubator of clean tech businesses. The concept is simple: convenience. Most people know that a smart strip could probably save them money, but do they know how to install one properly? Many people probably also know that they could cut their electric bill if they used less hot water in their shower, but wouldn't have a clue how to get their teenage daughter to reduce her shower times (hint-you don't have to-there's other infrastructure you can put in place that gets the job done without teenage drama). IMG_8211 You'll get the Pono Home toolkit of clean tech gadgets. They're not just awesomely fun toys, they're super effective in helping you green folks' homes!!

Joining Pono Home gets you training and education about how to green a home, along with all the support you'll ever need to run a successful franchise. The focus is on the low-hanging fruit, not the giant and expensive stuff that only rich homeowners can afford. The service is as effective for renters as it is for homeowners, in fact, meaning that we can finally help green some of the most inefficient homes in the world! And it all starts with you. Rather than just consulting people on how to green their homes, you literally make changes for them right then and there. Change their lights. Install smart strips and show them how to use them. Change out faucet aerators and set hot water heater temperatures at the most efficient levels. Show people how to cut the electricity their fridge uses by 20%. The list goes on and on. In addition, you get to do fun stuff like give people a Pono Home Coupon booklet to help them not just live in a greener home, but also take the next steps on their sustainability journeys. Check out the one we just made for our first franchise in Honolulu!  The Pono Home Coupon Guide folds, accordion-style, to the size of a business card, and fits in any wallet.

So how do you get started? Head on over to Pono Home's website now and check it out. Franchising began in mid-2014, but get on the list now and you could be the first in your community, plus receive a big discount on franchise fees!  Estimated annual salary you can make in your first year: $50,000. Estimated impact? HUGE, and lasting. Build a legacy for yourself and your community. Make peoples' homes pono and watch their carbon footprints shrink overnight. If you are interested, please contact our main office at [email protected]. Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!