San Francesco

About San Francesco

In 1954, on the corner of Clinton Street, right off of College, nestled right in the heart of Toronto's Little Italy the Original San Francesco Foods opened its doors. A charming little eatery offering one of Toronto's best veal sandwiches was born. It fast became known for its signature San Francesco's Original Veal Sandwich within the local Italian and Portuguese community. But as word spread, its fame grew beyond the regular College Street crowd only to become recognized as one of Toronto's historically iconic 'must-try' culinary experiences.

Now San Francesco Foods is a well-loved crowd-pleaser at the CNE, Royal Winter Fair and other prominent GTA events. The consensus being, if you haven't tasted the 'legendary' San Francesco's Original Veal Sandwich, you haven't had the full Toronto experience. After all, it is a big part of what makes Toronto so special.

Even the online critics from the Urbanspoon can't resist giving our fresh: sauces, tender meat, Italian baked breads, cheese assortments and grilled vegetables; a hardy thumbs up. And the foodies from BlogTO have voted our veal sandwich the best Toronto has to offer.

60 years later, San Francesco's Original Veal Sandwich recipe has been sacredly preserved and our menu has expanded. So now we are bringing College Street to everyone, through various GTA restaurant locations as well as our catering & delivery service.

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