Ace Handyman Services Cost Comparisons

About Ace Handyman Services

Founded in 1998, Ace Handyman Services recently celebrated our 20-year business anniversary. As a national, home improvement, repair, and remodeling franchise corporation, there is demand for our professional services wherever you live. We are always looking to expand our reach and bring new Owners on board. With approximately 60 Owners in over 120 active territories, Ace Handyman Services has franchise locations in over 24 states, bringing honesty and integrity to the home improvement industry throughout the country!
If you're tired of endless work hours and life in the corporate world, and want to stop putting money in other peoples' pocket, it's time to own your own business and start controlling your own destiny. At the heart of our Franchise model is our efficient Support Center, providing expertise and support to Owners with the training and tools needed to open, operate, market, and grow their business. In addition, we continue to vet and collaborate with global partners on the most current technologies and resources keeping us miles ahead of the competition. Our Franchise network operates with a heavy focus on digital marketing designed to drive traffic to your local webpage, get your phone ringing, and appointments booked. Our goal is to help you build a profitable business that grows and continually acquires new leads, retains happy, loyal, lifelong customers, while offering you time to enjoy life with your friends and family. Our solid reputation, expert support services, and advanced software applications have proven to be a successful, yet progressive business model. See for yourself at
We were recently acquired by Ace Hardware and were formerly known as Handyman Matters until March of 2020.

Handyman Franchise Opportunities

Below is a quick comparison of Ace Handyman Services against other Handyman franchises and business opportunities. For an in depth comparison of Ace Handyman Services with another opportunity including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options click on the name of the company to view the detailed comparison.

Franchise Franchise Fee Royalty Advertising Fee Development Costs
1-800-Plumber $45,000 6% 2% $89,495-$241,395
Andy OnCall $53,000-$58,000 5% $53,000-$64,150
AroundTown Handyman $5,000-$6,000 $10,000-$15,000
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing $43,000 6% 3% $37,556-$204,261
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain $45,000 4 - 6% Sliding Scale 2% $100,430-$351,015
Case Handyman Services $45,000-$75,000 4-6% $125,000-$150,000
Classic Handyman N/A $40,000
Dial A Hubby $21,000 $53,218
Drain Rescue Plumbers $17,500 Varies Varies $50,000-$125,000
Handyman Connection $60,000 5% 3% $101,831-$159,000
HandyMan HQ $17,500 6% $25,000-$40,000
Handyman Matters $20,000 6% 2% $91,777-$136,569
Handyman Network $60,000 6% 12%1st year, then10% $99,369-$148,756
Handyman Pro $60,000 6% 2% $99,125-$139,500
HandyPro $9,500 6% 1% $70,640-$128,643
Hire-A-Hubby N/A $45,000-And Up
HomeFixology $19,900-$39,900 7% $65,000-$115,000 $20,000 7% $19,500-$32,000
Honey Do Service, Inc., The $29,000 6% 1% $85,630-$122,200
House Doctors $19,900 6% $98,900-$129,550
Jack of All Trades Handyman N/A $34,620-$56,525
Maintenance Made Simple $20,000 6% 2% $35,300-$64,800
Odd Job Bob N/A $67,500-$118,000
Rooter-Man $3,975-$39,750 Varies Varies $46,750-$137,600
Roto-Rooter $25,000-$75,000 Varies $84,920-$255,000
Sometimes Spouse $24,999 7% $31,150-$66,618
Valmis $20,000-$40,500 $25,650-$52,150
Yellow Van Handyman $7,000 2% $9,000-$14,000