Its Not All ‘odd’ That Sells On Ebay; Collectibles, Everyday Items Are The Big Sellers On World’s Largest Online Auction Service

VISTA, CA | Wednesday, February 23, 2005

24/7 Auctions Provides Tips on What’s Selling in San Diego County, How to Get The Highest Bid for Your Collectibles

You’ve cleaned out your closet, attic, garage or storage locker, and now find yourself besieged by a galaxy of odd items - possibly collectibles that you'd like to sell, but you doubt anyone in their right mind would ever actually pay anything for them. Well, eBay could be your answer. The auction service has a commanding share of the online auction market, with a 95 percent market share and revenues of $2.17 billion last year. You’ll have access to millions of would-be bidders more than 125 million people use the web site, and $1,060 worth of produce flow through it every second.

“There’s always something new to learn about what sells and what doesn’t on eBay,” said Tom Harris, owner of 24/7 Auctions, the first eBay consignment store in north San Diego County. “While the ‘odd’ items that sell on eBay are the ones that usually get the press, the truth is that the everyday items are the ones that sell on eBay.” Harris, whose store opened last fall to provide a turnkey service for customers selling items on eBay, said the following categories of items have sold briskly at 24/7 Auctions: Consumer Electronics. This has been the biggest seller. Digital cameras, personal music players, personal computers, etc. anything with the name “Sony” or a big worldwide brand name. Sellers worldwide recognize brand names. Fine Jewelry What makes the difference is the details of the fine jewelry, the carat size, the clarity, an expert appraisal, etc. Custom jewelry has not sold very well.

Pressed Steel Toys from the 1940s to early 1950s. Buddy L Toys and Tyco Toys and train sets have sold extremely well. Some of the individual toys are selling for nearly $800 each. A collector recently purchased a Buddy L Toy Train for $4,000.

Musical Instruments. Guitars, Trumpets, and accessories for each instrument have sold very briskly.

Collectible Figurines. Foreign collectible figurines including Hummels from Germany, and Lladros from Spain have done extremely well. Buyers from throughout the world are seeking out these 8 to 10 inch tall figurines. Collectible LPs. Entire LP collections don’t do particularly well on eBay. What sells are limited edition, or unique records. A husband and wife owned a record store in North County. After the husband passed away 15 years ago, the wife closed the store and saved his collection of records. Seems these records were stored in their original, sealed and unopened wrapping. Many of these were Beatles and Elvis Presley records, which sold quickly on eBay. Auto Parts. Small items have been popular. Carburetors, ATV fenders. People bid on auto parts as soon as they are listed.

Collectible Cars. These do very well on eBay Motors. 24/7 Auctions recently sold two collectible Corvettes. The service is ideal for automobile sales because the car can be visually represented on the 24/7 site through a detailed photo gallery, which can include up to 36 photos. Professional quality photography is recommended to really show off the car. Because we live in San Diego, buyers from throughout the country are interested in classic, collectible cars that have no rust or damage from years of bad winters.

Harris said to increase the chances of an item selling on eBay, sellers should consider the following tips and approaches: Good Photography. Buyers have to be able to see and evaluate the item via good photography. For example, 24/7 Auctions photographs each item and then displays up to six images to spotlight an item from just about every conceivable angle and perspective. Great Description. For example, 24/7 Auctions researches and then creates a custom description of each item utilizing verbiage from brochures, and web sites from the original manufacture. Buyers demand details on each item to help them evaluate and eventually purchase the item.

Seller Reputation. Seller reputation and rating is established by buyer feedback on eBay. For example, 24/7 Auctions has a 99.6 percent positive feedback rating from past customers. This is important, because every eBay buyer wants to know whom he or she is buying from. There is still some fear from buyers that once they purchase an item, will they receive anything at all. When you are buying from an established eBay seller, each buyer gets exactly what he or she is paying for. At 24/7 Auctions, if it is not as described, they have the right to send it back for a full refund.

Packaging, Shipping and Timely Delivery. There’s nothing worse than having an item you have purchased arrive damaged due to poor packaging, or arrive weeks after it’s been purchased. 24/7 Auctions, for example, has each item packaged by a professional shipping company. The company also ships each item within a day of receiving payment.

About 24/7 Auctions eBay is the world’s largest on line auction site and has appointed 24/7 Auctions to the rank of Power Sellers and Trading Assistant, with a buyers’ favorable rating of 99.6 percent. These designations assure the consumer that they are dealing with a reputable and experienced eBay professional seller. Based on experience as an eBay certified Trading Assistant, 24/7 Auctions has created a list of accepted items that sell best in the online marketplace. The store accepts items with an assumed value of at least $50 in the following categories: computers and networking equipment, electronics, cameras, collectibles, jewelry, purses and shoes, musical instruments and equipment, sports and hobby equipment, and video game systems. If the customer agrees to set an initial bid for their item at $9.99, then the eBay listing fee is waived.

24/7 Auctions is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For store information call 760-630-2477 or visit 24/7 Auctions franchises will be available in March 2005.

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