Cfo Today Expands, Offers Growth Gateways To Accountants

TALLAHASSEE, FLA | Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A progressive new accounting network now offers CPAs an opportunity to grow their practices by tapping into the long-ignored small business market while also developing new relationships with more traditional clients. Seeking to strengthen their bottom lines, accountants nationwide are joining the network, expanding their client lists and sharing in the network's revenue.

CFOToday, an accounting and marketing firm offering technology-based payroll, accounting and financial solutions to businesses across the nation, is recruiting individual CPAs and small accounting firms to provide local counseling and tax services to its online clients.

"We're growing by leaps and bounds," says John Harrison, CPA, the CEO and founder of CFOToday. "With many of our clients, a local presence is needed for routine consultations and tax returns, and we provide that through our network of local providers, called 'CFOToday accountant affiliates.' We share our revenues with our local partners and provide conventional business referrals as well." In the United States, small businesses grossing less than a million dollars annually make up 93 percent of the total market. According to Harrison, most accounting practices ignore this vast market because the small business owners cannot afford their fees. CFOToday is able to profit from these small-business clients by providing online services powered by proprietary software, with affiliated accountants providing local, face-to-face counseling and tax services, when needed. Accountants participating in the CFOToday network are able to generate considerable revenue from working with a segment where profitability once was a challenge.

While CFOToday focuses on small businesses, its aggressive marketing also reels in businesses that are too large grossing more than a million dollars annually for it to serve adequately; those clients are referred directly to accounting partners within the network. Harrison also points out that large companies start out small and the accountants that get the business when they are small will keep them when they get large. "Those businesses that get too large for our system will also be given to the CFOToday accountant affiliates," says Harrison. "Opportunities for growth are unlimited." Accounting firms and individual CPAs throughout the nation are already participating in the network, but the company seeks to bring more on board through its Web site,, to handle the increasing demand. "Most CPAs don't have a marketing strategy," says Harrison. "We're offering individual CPAs and small accounting firms an opportunity to grow their business dramatically by working with both small and large clients, some in direct partnership with us and others through direct referrals we provide. We already have an established network enjoying the strategy's success, and demand is growing exponentially in many locations around the U.S. It's a highly profitable win-win situation for everyone." Joining the network is free. CPAs and accounting firms interested in learning more or signing up can visit

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