Entrepreneurs Are 'Biting' On Mosquitonix Franchise Opportunity

DALLAS, TEXAS | Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Creators to Launch New Business Model for Second Tier, Short Season Markets

It may repel bugs, but certainly not entrepreneurs. MosquitoNix, a fast-growing national franchise whose specialty is installing and servicing outdoor fully automated insect misting systems, is creating a tremendous “buzz”in the franchise community. Since first offering franchise opportunities in early 2004, MosquitoNix has grown to seven franchise owned locations and four corporate centers, with franchise agreements pending that will double the number of total existing locations by the end of 2005. International expansion plans are also in the works for 2006. Continued aggressive expansion plans call for 100 franchises and between 30 and 40 corporate locations nationwide by 2009, with system wide sales expected to top $200 million. In addition, with rising interest from entrepreneurs around the country wherever mosquitos are problematic, company executives are crafting a business model for second tier and short season markets. They anticipate launching the new model later this year. "We have had prospective franchisees hovering around MosquitoNix since the very beginning," said Steve Jenkins, co-founder and President. "We are the only national franchise of our kind. MosquitoNix has introduced an effective solution to a pesky problem that plagues millions of Americans, and entrepreneurs across the country are biting. They’re eager to bring the MosquitoNix concept into back yards in their markets." To support MosquitoNix’s extraordinary growth, the company tripled the number of its corporate employees. It doubled the size of its Dallas , Texas , headquarters to house the growing number of staff required to support franchisees. The MosquitoNix solution is a fully automated misting system that kills and repels mosquitoes, flies, no-see-ums, spiders, gnats, fleas, ticks, roaches and other outdoor insects. The professionally installed system mists a botanical insecticide at selected intervals. Scratching America’s Itch The MosquitoNix system is designed for residential, commercial and business settings, allowing consumers to choose a customized system to meet their specific needs, whether they are looking to protect their back yard or diners eating on the patio at their restaurant. "MosquitoNix addresses a legitimate problem facing the millions of outdoor-loving American's who can't even set foot in their own back yards without being eaten alive," Jenkins said. "The concept is attractive to entrepreneurs because it is both innovative and lucrative. Our franchisees not only experience a strong return on investment initially, but also substantial recurring revenue once their business is established." The system is test-proven to control and eliminate insects through the automatic misting of Pyrethrum around the perimeters of the house or building and the yard. MosquitoNix’s custom-designed systems come with a remote control that allows the user to mist between regularly timed intervals, a battery back-up system that keeps the timer correct in the event of a power outage and a rain detection center that prevents the system from misting in improper weather conditions. About MosquitoNix The MosquitoNix concept was conceived in 2002, when the pests in the backyard of co-founder Steve Jenkins’ home became so severe that his wife and child refused to spend time outdoors. Jenkins set out to find a pest-control solution that didn’t involve smelly lotions, dangerous chemicals or annoying electric “bug zappers.” During his research, Jenkins came across Pyrethrum, a natural insecticide derived from dried chrysanthemum flowers, which is frequently used on fruit and dairy farms to control insect infestation. Jenkins paired up with long-time friend and fellow entrepreneur John Stubbs and the MosquitoNix Outdoor Insect Mist System was born. MosquitoNix national expansion plans call for 150 locations nationwide.

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