Accutrak Leads Industry With Introduction Of Votrak, A Voice-enabled Inventory And Data Collection System

MYRTLE BEACH | Monday, September 19, 2005

46, 22, 31." Vince Perrin counts items and speaks the totals into a wireless headset. 100 feet away, the portable computer accurately records each entry in the inventory database. VoTrak, the system that makes this possible, was created exclusively for AccuTrak and its franchisees.

"If you walk into a store where we are taking inventory, you'll see uniformed AccuTrak auditors walking the isles, counting merchandise, and speaking to themselves," says Vince Perrin, founder of AccuTrak. At the end of each inventory, the VoTrak software will produce a complete audit trail of the merchandise in the store listed by category.

The pioneering new system is part of the services AccuTrak offers to its franchisees. AccuTrak's franchisees gathered in Myrtle Beach on September 17 for system training. Although this meeting marked the official roll-out of the system, many of the franchisees were familiar with the software after seeing an earlier version at their annual meeting in June.

"We needed a revolutionary change in the way data are collected for inventories," says Mike Joost, creator of VoTrak. "All other systems are either machine-centric or totally manual, forcing the auditor to adapt to the process or the machine. Our approach adapts the system to the human auditors, both reducing stress (remember those sore wrists?) and increasing accuracy." How does it work? VoTrak is a collection of wireless headsets, a portable computer, and custom software all working together. The piece most people see is the wireless headset worn by each inventory analyst. The computer and software work in the background, logging the commands and storing data used for the final report created on-site after the counting is complete.

One common task for VoTrak is a financial inventory, one that records the value of all of the merchandise in a business. Analysts will navigate the store counting merchandise, such as bottles of soda, candy bars, etc. Equipped with a VoTrak headset, each analyst speaks into the microphone, marking the beginning and end of each section, item prices, and the number of items at each price.

The voice information is transmitted over a wireless link to a portable computer with software specially designed to translate each entry into data that can be stored in AccuTrak's inventory management database. VoTrak allows multiple analysts to voice inventories in a store at the same time. If an analyst suspects a mistake, they can pause and ask VoTrak to read the most recently voiced commands.

The end result is an accurate financial inventory delivered on-site to the store manager just minutes after the analysts are finished counting.

"The response to the new system has been overwhelming," says Judi Perrin, president of AccuTrak. "VoTrak will give us the ability to provide our customers with a more detailed and accurate product. Using VoTrak, data entry errors will be all but eliminated. We will be able to provide trained analysts that focus on our customers' needs. Currently inventory companies are dependent upon analysts with 10-key machine capabilities." About AccuTrak Inventory Specialists: Founded by Vince and Judi Perrin, experts with over 20 years experience each in inventory management, AccuTrak Inventory Specialists provide inventory reporting and management, cycle counting, data collection and other services to convenience stores, retail and wholesale outlets, warehouses, pharmacies and hospitals.

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