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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Which is more deadly, Terrorist Attacks or Nosocomial Infections? Nosocomial infections are hospital acquired infections. You go in for treatment, the hospital gives you an infection, you leave and then you may die. The same year that 3,000 innocent people died in the World Trade Center due to attacks by terrorists, approximately 100,000 innocent people died from Nosocomial infections and 2 million additional patients were infected but did not die from them. What are the chances of dying in a terrorist attack compared to dying from a Nosocomial infection? With approximately 36 million hospital visits annually, on the average a person has a 6% chance of getting a Nosocomial infection and a 1 in 360 chance of dying from a Nosocomial infection. You can also contract infections in any building that infected people attend. People with infectious diseases go to office buildings, restaurants, retail stores and many other places. Everywhere they go they may spread diseases on common contact surfaces like door handles, desktops, keyboards, faucets, counter tops, toilet seats and tables. The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) is focusing this year on "Control of Infectious Diseases." Besides recommending regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting, they also recommend that employees in a facility communicate with their building maintenance and report soiled surfaces and other cleaning concerns. By knowing about cleaning concerns, building maintenance can take steps to make the facility a safer, cleaner place. Joseph Jenkins, President of BearCom Building Services, Inc., one of the largest cleaning companies in Utah, relates one of his experiences. Mr. Jenkins states, "Have you ever gone into a restaurant, used their bathroom, and left because of how dirty it was? There was a Carl's Junior that I took my boys to the other day. While in the restroom I noticed a light switch that said to switch it on if the restroom needed attention. What a great way to communicate cleaning issues and concerns to those who can do something about it. How do consumers, patients, students, teachers, and employees of offices relay their concerns to the actual cleaners that can do something about the bacteria that is spreading from person to person and infecting thousands, even millions? Better communication is needed, even more than just a light switch." BearCom Building Services has just announced its release of the CleanBrain's CleanTelligent Program (Patent Pending), an Internet-based communication application that gives students and teachers of schools, employees of offices, patients of doctor's offices, tenants of office buildings and others a way to communicate to BearCom or the cleaning staff of issues relating to the cleaning of the facility. Communication is stored, documented and used in training the employees who actually do the cleaning. Communication like this helps BearCom better serve the needs of facilities and reduce the spread of infectious diseases to those who are in the building. In addition to communication, the actual cleaning process and solutions used are key. Joseph explains, "We at BearCom believe in killing bacteria, not spreading it. Do the cleaners of your facility use the same mop to mop the lobby or kitchen as they do the bathroom? Or the same rags? Are they using disinfectant when cleaning? BearCom uses a system of regularly scheduled cleaning and disinfecting that reduces cross-contamination. Our goal is to keep buildings and work places safe from infectious diseases that can spread and get others sick and even die. A sound cleaning system and better communication is needed." Joseph encourages, "I think people need to speak out against unsafe restrooms, offices, hospitals and schools. Communicate with those that can make a change and make a difference. Do not let it go. You could save someone's life later by making a stand today, maybe your own or the life of your children. Let's stop or at least reduce the number of people that die from Nosocomial infections every year." To learn more, you may contact Joseph or BearCom Building Services at 801-569-9500 or [email protected] The CleanTelligent program is available with or without BearCom's cleaning services. To learn more, go to

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