Monday, August 07, 2006

Bar-B-Cutie Restaurant braces for nationwide expansion

customer, Restaurant, Integrity, Service, and Product are the things that set Bar-BCutie apart from its industry competitors. Attention to these details has made this 56 year old company a classic in the Nashville, TN area and have prompted single-unit franchise sales to double in the past three months. With Bar-B-Cutie expanding throughout the United States and nationwide, something must be put into place to ensure that these components continue to remain at the Bar-B-Cutie superb level. Marketing director, Christie McFarland, came up with the name CRISP after considering what components of Bar-BCutie's concept are its most valuable assets and have prospered Bar-B-Cutie's brand from the 1950 concept to what is today. The elements of crisp: our valuable Customers, our top notch Restaurant including its charming, unique décor and its customer and employee friendly building design, the unwavering Integrity our company was founded on, the go-theextra mile Service that we have committed to our customers for the last 56 years, and our excellent Product have brought us to where we are today. Keeping these elements superior throughout all of our stores, local as well as nationwide, will allow us to quickly propel past our competitors and emerge as a casual/fast food giant. "By developing a CRISP program, we can ensure that Bar-B-Cutie franchisees will benefit from a CRISP Bar-B-Cutie empire," states McFarland. Recently hired, Kelly Pope used McFarland's CRISP idea to develop an entire "curriculum" for testing, analyzing, and training franchise stores to adhere to Bar-B-Cutie's CRISP standards. Pope piloted the new program at the two company owned stores. "Everything from dumpster debris to food quality and customer service is evaluated against our CRISP standards", remarked Pope. This program came full circle last week as Pope made her first CRISP visit to a franchised store. Programs similar to CRISP have been developed throughout restaurant history. Years ago, Dave Thomas developed a program for the Wendy's corporation with an agenda similar to Bar-B-Cutie's CRISP. Thomas' "SPARKLE" program was added to the Wendy's chain after Dave decided that his franchisees needed to constantly be held accountable for upholding the company's standards. SPARKLE was a way to uniformly monitor each store's progress in the areas most important to the companies success. As well as give franchisees incentives to keep their stores "sparkling". Bar-B-Cutie expects to maintain, through CRISP, the high standards that the company has foundationally and historically been built on. Franchisees are excited about this new program and look forward to Kelly's visit. Initially, Pope will evaluate each store's CRISP components which can take up to a week, analyze her findings, and meet with the store's general manager and owner. After this process, each store will be reassessed quarterly. Initiatives to comply with CRISP include: an increase in customer satisfaction, increased customer count, improved curb appeal, employee longevity and continuously enhanced branding. Bar-B-Cutie is vigilantly adding spokes to its infrastructural wheels and will continue to do so. Bar-B-Cutie Franchise Systems is committed to never being satisfied with the ordinary but instead exceeding to the extraordinary! Bar-B-Cutie Franchise sales are expected to snowball in 2007. The new stores as well as the founding ones will utilize programs such as CRISP to ground their businesses and to promote terrific customer satisfaction. Bar-B-Cutie Franchise Systems welcomes this growth with open arms and are completely prepared to grow nationwide!

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